This will not end well

We should all know how this turns out:

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot Announces He Won’t Prosecute ‘Low-Level’ Crimes

Former Dallas County Prosecutor, Judge Mike Snipes said, “I think it’s forward looking. I think it’s pioneering… People who have minor offenses have a better chance of rehabilitating their life and getting back on track.”

Creuzot said he’ll dismiss many criminal trespass cases as well, charges he says are most often brought against the mentally ill and homeless.

He also said his office will no longer prosecute theft cases involving personal items worth less than $750, unless evidence shows it was for economic gain.

But Andrew Arterburn, the owner of One Stop Express in Uptown said a shoplifter just stole $120 worth of laundry detergent on Thursday and he’s not happy to find out cases like this could be dismissed.

“It’s a slap on the wrist. They go to jail, get a meal, get let go. And they’re not going to be prosecuted at all for it,” said Arterburn.

The President of the National Black Police Association, Sgt. Sheldon Smith, said he worries it will lead to more crime.

“It opens the door for some people to think they can commit crimes,” Sgt. Smith said.

Yup. More crime will be the result. People will know they can steal small items and get away with it. For some people this will be their normal way of life. They will walk into a grocery store and walk out with lunch without paying for it. Prices will rise and other people will realize they are being suckers if they don’t get their “fair share” of the free stuff.

More and more people steal without guilty. Yeah, that’s really forward thinking there Mr. Creuzot. It’s easy to see this as the path to the destruction of society. It’s hard to imagine that isn’t his goal.

If they don’t have an impeachment process and utilize it tar and feathers should be the backup plan.


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  1. The backup plan is vigilantism.

    The laws don’t protect us from the criminals. The laws protect the criminals from us.

    • Or, put another way:
      Do you WANT vigilantism? Because this is how you get vigilantism.

      “D’andre didn’t deserve to die for stealing $25 worth of Swisher Sweets!!!”
      No. No he did not. But when the state abandoned it’s role as arbiter of law, the shop owner made his own law.

  2. 6 months later: “…And in other news, Dallas County government officials were shocked to learn that many grocery and convenience stores, both major chains and small “mom-and-pop” stores, are making plans to leave Dallas County. Officials expressed concern that this will leave poorer residents without alternatives to high prices and low-nutrition fast food choices. Mr. Creuzot has indicated he will be commissioning an investigation to look for root causes and…”

    Seriously, the only businesses that will be left are the ones where you have to pay first to get something handed over a counter. Basically, fast food. The 2017 average profit for grocery stores was 2.2%. ( At that point, someone stealing a sandwich wipes out the profits from Mom buying groceries for a week.

    Other stores will have issues with this as well, but I expect the grocers will be the first to pack it in.

    • Nah, shopkeepers here won’t leave.
      They will invest in baseball bats and iron pipes.
      You can get away with letting a criminal go. You can’t get away with convicting the guy who didn’t let the criminal go in Texas.

      • The problem with this is that your analysis only works for owner operated stores. They have a vested interest in stopping theft and robbery. Clerks in supermarkets, not so much. They aren’t going to go hands on or swinging pipes on a rapidly growing problem. The stores will have two primary responses: armed security guards, or closing the location. Corporate will be the ones making that decision. If the competition all decide to go the guard route, with the attendant increase of prices to pay for them, all is well.

        The other variation that the big stores can use is the airlock design for the entrances/exits. Still requires manpower and building costs, and the public may not be happy with it.

        The traditional store response to this sort of problem is to bail out of the unsafe neighborhoods. It’s a no-brainer.

        • Nope.

          My brother manages a corporate location for a retailer who targets low-income areas — in Dallas. (It has “dollar” in the name, that narrows it enough.) He regularly confronts shoplifters and takes his merchandise back, and so do all the other managers at other locations.

          First, his bonus (a significant part of his income) is based on his shrinkage, so they are literally stealing from him. Second, even if that wasn’t the case, there’s the matter of pride. He’s made that store a nice place to shop at in an ocean of awful, and he’s not going to let some thieving asshole turn it into Just Another Crappy Hood Mart.

          He knows the cops in his area well enough. I don’t doubt that the cops will turn a blind eye to his parking lot justice if the DA goes through with this. (They turn a blind eye to enough parking lot justice as it is.)

  3. Quick question: if a vagrant or gangbanger steals a Glock (MSRP ~$600) from a homeowner during a “criminal trespass”, will that suddenly pique the DA’s interests in “petty crime”? Or will he prefer to charge the homeowner with negligence?

    I know which I would bet on.

    • I view the attempted theft of my firearm as a lethal threat because the thug would now be armed and his intentions clearly criminal, perhaps murderous given he is taking a firearm.

      I would likely use deadly force to retain possession of my weapon.

      I may get in trouble, but I could not live with my firearm killing someone else.

  4. “It’s easy to see this at (sic) the path to the destruction of society.”
    Yes; it is very Progressive.

    “It’s hard to imagine that isn’t his goal.”
    What would motivate you to imagine any such, in contravention of all evidence?

    Anyway, it’s a done deal. Our major institutions were infiltrated by the criminal class generations ago, once the minds of our grandparents and great grandparents were infiltrated by Marxism and all manner of alternative thinking. They didn’t know it, but the infiltration of their minds was just enough to make them tolerate what was to come.

    Some welcomed it, others tolerated it, but most were in denial. Same as now, and anyway we have careers, tax returns to file, and we have theatre and sports to keep our minds off of things.

    On the notion that history does nothing but repeat itself; we won’t fully perceive the nature of the threat until we’re in a situation equivalent to the Jews in 1940s Europe. Some of them apparently believed they really were walking into a shower. It was more comfortable, more socially acceptable, for them to believe that, you see?

    Some of them were, no doubt, thinking to themselves, “It’s hard to imagine that our destruction isn’t their goal” but they walked into the “showers” nonetheless and that’s what mattered. Never mind that the Nazis were openly stating their goals for years, for anyone who bothered to listen.

    Same now as it was then. The dark forces of the Dark Ages have been openly stating their goals for generations in this country, but don’t look, and don’t quote them, because that makes you “conspiratorial”.

    No one wants to be accused of paranoia, or of being a “conspiracy theorist”. And so it is once again that our own incredulity, conjured up as a self-protection mechanism, will guard the criminal class, covering their tracks with our own denial, as they (now openly) step in a take over.

    They “educate” our children, they run our institutions, they rule over us, and their zombie army feeds us the “news” we read every day. We rattle our sabers and we bitch about it, and we pretend to wonder what’s really going on, and ultimately we will capitulate juuust long enough for them to lock the “shower room door” from the outside, and that’s all that matters.

    Like as not, the border wall, if it ever does get built, will be used to keep you in, and to keep libertarians and Protestants from getting in, and all the current fighting and bickering over it is just for cover.

    We’re making jokes about “Formerly Great Britain” and suchlike, but America too is long gone as a nation. The Audacity of Hope was voted in enthusiastically, while openly calling for Fundamental Transformation, yet that was just icing on the cake. The majority of the work had been done by previous generations of revolutionaries. The Biblical, Protestant roots (the only things ever “great” about America) have been forgotten or rejected outright, and that makes us just like every “shithole country” there ever was.

  5. The Dallas DA just wrote a death warrant for petty criminals in his city.
    The first charges against someone shooting a shoplifter or burglar will be met with Texas State Law 9.41&42, which allow use of deadly force to stop dispossession of property – when there is no reasonable other way to recover it. And the DA just said local government won’t help you get your stuff back. Shoplifters beware.

    Unintended consequences suck hard when you’re that stupid. Here’s betting the DA will be out of his job within six months.

  6. If the DA is interested in reducing the incarceration rate of minorities, the quickest way is the maximum enforcement of laws. When a minority kid gets the book thrown at him for a minor offense his peers will have second thoughts. No need for rehabilitation if you never commit the crime because you fear the consequences.

    A law that is not enforced or is so poorly constructed breeds contempt.

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