Shoes as an motivator for gun control

When anti-gun people bring shoes to their rallies send them this:


Gun control advocates are advocates for the enabling of genocide. For some it may be unwitting. But they are still attempting to enable genocide and must not succeed.

Read some books:


4 thoughts on “Shoes as an motivator for gun control

  1. Excellent visual. The picture speaks a thousand — er, 6 million — words.

  2. They are not unwitting. They know exactly what they are doing and what they want: the extermination of all gun owners by the government. No matter the means or body count. You always say they hate us and want us dead. Why do you back away from that statement? If in power they would be perfectly willing to use the government to indirectly through taxation and starvation to killl over 150 million people so long as those people own guns, are white, are male and have any conservative viewpoints. Some even advocate for nuclear holocausting the country when they get back in power to achieve that dream. And I’m not saying anything they haven’t already said. And they will be in permanent political control in 6 years at the latest.

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