Signing some papers at the courthouse

Last Thursday evening Barb, some friends, and family members went to the courthouse to watch as Barb and I signed some papers.

This was our point of view:


This was their point of view:

Photo by Mark.

Photo by Jaime.

Check out the judge’s boots! It was because of the Snowpocalypse.

The next two pictures were after we had finished.

Photo by Jane.

Photo by the judge.

Then most of us went back to our house for dinner and cake.IMG_1037


I would have been certain “it would work out” had we gotten married after the first couple of months we were together. After several months the topic of marriage would occasionally come up and Barb didn’t see the point and then after a year or three she was quite clear that she did not want to get married. It wasn’t my preference but I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it and it almost never came up between us.

Then last June she proposed to me (the proposal blog post has been in draft form for months and I just now published it). There were some tax and other issues to resolve and we finally sort of settled on Valentines Day by the November/December timeframe. Valentines Day saves some hassle because you have one less card and/or gift to worry about during the year and you are less likely to forget about it. A bonus is that it is the 65th anniversary of when my parents got married.


21 thoughts on “Signing some papers at the courthouse

  1. Congratulations Joe.
    Many happy returns for you and the Mrs.

    On the topic of unusual judicial clothing. Having been involved several times in judicial proceedings back in the dark ages when I wore a Deputy Sheriff’s star for awhile, I’ve seen a Federal magistrate show up wearing quite casual attire (T-shirt, well worn blue jeans, and running shoes) before donning his robe of office.

  2. Congratulations to Joe & Barb.

    May your marriage 2.0 be filled with long-lasting joy and happiness.

    You deserve it.

  3. Congrats! My wife and I just celebrated 27 years together, 18 married. We knew we were together and didn’t see a reason to get the paperwork, but after 9 years we ran out of reasons not to. A big one was so I could have legal say over her son should there be an accident or even if I just needed to sign something for school, or if he needed on my health insurance.

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