Statement on #I1639

From a gun store, Precise Shooter, just north of Seattle:

As a local firearms dealer, we are committed to delivering the best firearms to local shooters at the best price while fully compliant with the existing laws.

The advantage of AR platform is that it is effectively a “lego set”: different components of the rifle snap together easily even when they come from different manufacturers.

In particular, AR-15 consists of two main components that simply snap together, and upper receiver…


…and a lower receiver…


The upper receiver is an unserialized part and can be sold without a background check. The lower receiver is not a rifle and thus is not subject to the requirements of the initiative.

Therefore, if the initiative in fact passes the court scrutiny, you would still be able to buy America’s most popular rifle just as you did before, it will just be coming in two separate pieces. And of course we will be carrying a full assortment!

Two important exceptions.

Lower receiver cannot be sold to a person under 21 per federal regulations. So if you are a young shooter, you have until January 2019 to buy your rifles.

Also, we cannot legally break existing rifles into uppers and lowers if they were designated as a rifle by the manufacturer. But almost every AR-15 vendor makes these two components available separately.

We will be working with Ruger and other manufacturers of 10/22 components to make the same deal available for 10/22 as well. We will also research and make available an economic 22lr solution based on AR platform.

Best regards,

Your friends at Precise Shooter

I hope they sell thousands of guns.


6 thoughts on “Statement on #I1639

  1. If I remember correctly, there is a federal excise tax on the sale of complete weapons, but not on individual components. By transitioning to a “buy halves separately” model, the overall cost of the complete system is reduced.

    That’s part of why I built my lowers (the ones I lost in a canoeing accident, natch) from stripped lowers, a portion of a standard lower parts kit, then buffer tube, stock and a precision trigger cassette. The uppers I buy via the internet, usually from an out-of-state vendor that doesn’t have an economic nexus in this state.

    They say, every time a bell tolls, an angel gets its wings. Every time you finish an AR-15 lower (or similar), a guardian angel gets his flaming sword.

  2. Wouldn’t it be a simple and legal matter to replace the gas system with a solid gas block, thus rendering the rifle a straight pull bolt rather than semi

    • Certainly that would be true on AKs and SKSs. I don’t know how easy it is to do that, or the reverse, on an AR. On blow back types such as the 10/22 there would have to be something else. Perhaps replace the recoil spring with a much stiffer spring.

      • Honestly, I have been stewing on a straight pull bolt modification to the 10/22 bolt for some time in preparation for this… may have to actually get it done now.

        A solid gas block on almost any AR is a few minutes of work to remove gas block and install solid one… few minutes if you don’t know what you are doing, that is, or have to pull the handguard.

        • and what says a manufacturer cannot supply the completed rifles in “single shot” mode, then make available, for a fair price, shipped direct to requesting owner, the REAL gasblock/blowback spring, etc, so New Legal Gun Buyer can simply make the stupid rifle work the way it is suposed to , AFTER having purchased it in “disabled” condition legally and wihtout all the stupid Bloomie nonsense. Once legally acquired per Bloomie’s Idiots, its HIS rifle, right? Now, gt the bits, spend a few moments not surfing the net, and make it what it was originally intended to be.

          Make the eedjit initiative wroters BE the fools we know they are.

          How many times have California “moved the goalposts” on AR and related rifles, only to have some brilliant rabble rousing manufacturer build a new variant of the AR that scores through the moved goalposts….. the “bullet button” is one sich gig. Stupidpoliticians…

          But in the case of 1639, that’s a citizens initiative (and as such is not law because it is non0compliant, but that’s anothe rmatter) and thus cannot be modified for two years… and the legislators will not be eager to go messing with an Initiative….

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