5 thoughts on “Banning guns is a white privileged idea

  1. Banning or restricting guns is a Leftist Liberal Democrat idea. Nothing to do with skin color.

    • That depends.
      Historically, some of the first gun bans were explicitly about disarming blacks.
      Apart from that, victim disarmament disproportionately hurts those who are most likely to be crime victims. Whites are not the ones most likely to be victims (on a per capita basis). So it’s very easy to argue “disparate impact” here.

  2. Seems to me that associating skin color and gun control…sounds a bit trivial when you look at the weekly shootings by black on blacks in Chicago….

  3. Black, white or pea green with purple polka dots, a responsible gun owner has the right to own and possess a firearm under the second amendment of the constitution, and all three should scream bloody murder if that right has someone trying to take it away from you

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