Search rankings for #I1639

I checked to see where my blog posts rank when you do a search for #I1639. I found the results interesting:

  • DuckDuckGo puts one of my blog posts at 1.
  • Bing puts one of my blog posts at 1 (after an advertisement).
  • Google puts one of my blog posts at 11.
  • Twitter puts one of my tweets at 16.
  • Yahoo puts one my blogs posts at 87.
  • Facebook doesn’t list it or any of my Facebook posts (even from accounts other than mine).

Make of that whatever you want.


One thought on “Search rankings for #I1639

  1. I’m a little surprised that you’re as high as you are on Google.

    On a related note I’ve switched over to DuckDuckGo entirely at home and am starting to for the office. Except for very specific things, such as Google Scholar, I’m finding DDG’s web search just as useful as Google’s.

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