Mount Catherine

Last Sunday Barb and I hiked up Mount Catherine. We were hoping that by driving east of Snoqualmie Pass and getting up near 5000 feet in elevation we could get out of all the forest fire smoke around home. No such luck, but it was a nice hike anyway. We probably will go back sometime when the air is clear and we can see something in the distance other than the haze.


The drive to the trailhead really requires a high clearance vehicle. Even with my Ford Escape we bottomed out once on some particularly high rocks. The trail is pretty nice. It’s not a walk in the park with a wide smooth path, but it’s not one of those trails which “you have to believe it in order to see it” either (been there, done that, got lost, it wasn’t our favorite outing). The last little bit near the top is steep and it little more than dirt steps in the side of the mountain. No big deal when it’s dry but it could be treacherous when it’s wet.


This is a screenshot of my phone GPS when we were at the peak:

Screenshot_20180819-112002_GPS status

The peak was rather steep on most sides.


Barb was unable to channel her inner mountain goat and claimed victory while still about three or four feet below the true peak of the mountain.


You could tell there were some pretty epic views when the air wasn’t filled with smoke. But it just wasn’t our day to see them.





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  1. It’s really beautiful up there. We took our young girls up a couple years ago. Sounds like the road has got worse as we were able to take the Mazda3 up to the trailhead.

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