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Does it ever strike you as odd that people pay a premium for water that is exceptionally clean but pay an even higher premium to have water strained through ground up vegetable matter?


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  1. Hah! Muddy water! never really liked the taste of coffee. Switched to Earl Grey decades ago and have enjoyed my morning wake-me-up ever since.

    • I actually had the thought as I was making myself a cup of tea from freshly filtered water.

      • I’ll join you (metaphorically speaking).

        I drank half a cup of coffee once, about half a century ago. The person who made it claimed it was quite good. I disagreed, and I’ve never tried it since.

        Hot tea, on the other hand, I drink every day. Celestial Seasoning’s Morning Thunder, and Twining’s Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and Irish Breakfast are all excellent, in my unhumble opinion.

        • Republic of Tea – Wild Blueberry black tea. That’s my favorite. Several other offerings from them, including a couple of the hi-caf entries, are also very good. I tend to buy in the re-sealable 250-pack bags.

          • I order from Harney & Sons. Their 1lb bag of loose tea lasts me a little over a month.

      • My wife drank coffee when we married. Had her almost weaned over to good tea before she passed. Still have the Mr. Coffee if someone wants to BYO. I suppose it’s all “ground up vegetable matter”, eh? Just some tastes better than others.

        ;- )

  2. My randon water rant: Fiji water. An island with a sole source aquifer thinks it’s a great idea to export their bottled water? Unless they just contract to have the bottles filled somewhere in the US and slap a Fiji source label on it, since bottled water isn’t really regulated that much.

  3. Pure H2O is missing some of the benefits of normal water. Marketing is going to have its effects though. When we were growing up, the only bottled water on the store shelves was distilled. Primarily for use in steam irons, it was stocked in the laundry section. The one and only thing that’s changed since then is the success of the marketing designed to make us suspicious and afraid of our food and water.

    More ironic, maybe, is that many of those who ranted so hard for tobacco restrictions and still pretend to cough and get sick if they smell tobacco smoke from six blocks away are pot smokers who drink alcohol or use incense. Those who work hardest to foment government intervention in industry are the loudest in calling other people “fascist”.

    We are programmed beings. I guess our only choice or independence lies in our selection of code source, i.e. our allegiance, but even that is a programmed choice. It’s a disturbing thought, but is it not plausible, that when we think we’re being our most independent or original, taking the bold initiative or practicing leadership, we’re being the most thoroughly controlled? It certainly happens that way, but only to other people, right?

    We can take the “red pill” or the “blue pill” à la The Matrix, but is it possible to live a life without ever having taken any kind of “pill” (implanted code)? I don’t think so. No.

    • Don’t drink DI (de-ionized) water. Really bad for your teeth. Why it’s even available in the stores is puzzling.

      “…many of those who ranted so hard for tobacco restrictions and still pretend to cough and get sick if they smell tobacco smoke from six blocks away are pot smokers who drink alcohol or use incense.”
      AFAIK, there is no direct connection between tobacco and pot or incense. Well, other than they all contaminate the air we need to breathe. That, and two of them contain drugs. Why did you include alcohol?
      I’m guessing you and your family don’t have any allergies to common substances. Luck guy. Six blocks? You don’t normally exaggerate like that. Although, I can’t follow a smoker on the road.

      • I am glad the distilled/DI water is easily available in stores. I use it for my battery bank.

  4. Have lived in a lot of areas in this country. Some places bottled water was a necessity if you wanted your coffee to taste acceptable. Sorry New Orleans, I my opinion the worst municipal water I ever tasted, followed closely by those areas of Los Angeles that use Colorado River water. I currently live in an area where we get get our water from the Snake River Aquifer, in my opinion, the best municipal water I’ve ever tasted. I don’t need bottled water for my morning joe, I do however have to descale the brewer periodically, tap water here gives a whole new definition to “hard” water.

  5. As for me,a day without coffee is like going to the range without ammo!

  6. Bottled water is just tap water from somewhere else. Lots of it comes from Las Vegas where the locals complain endlessly and buy bottled water which probably comes out of the tap in LA. Meanwhile it all costs more than gasoline about which everyone complains about the cost.

    • Oh, yes. That!

      B-Bomb – Fremont
      The Stoic, Not The Stoic, Pinot Suave, Doppel Dinkel Bock – Deschutes
      Stickee Monkee, and their various anniversary ales – Firestone
      Scaldis – Brasserie Dubussion

      All expensive and reserved for special occasions, all worth it.

      More everyday, but still worth it:
      Three Philosophers – Ommegang
      Tripel Seven – Scuttlebutt
      Brother Thelonious, PranQster – North Coast

      And yes, I like Belgian style beers, mostly. Definitely don’t like the really hoppy stuff a lot of brewerys peddle now.


      • Do you know how American beer is similar to a boat?

        Both are close to water.

        • While that’s true of the great big honkin’ corporatist (I hesitate to use the term) brewers, the ones I listed will stand up to the best anywhere.

          Try one or two – I think you might be surprised…


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