No one is coming to save you

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Brian Keith provides motivation:

We have this myth of the Militia, of the Patriot, of the 3% who will fight back against an evil government.
But the reality is that many states already outlaw normal handguns and rifles, and we’ve not seen any organized resistance.
And when the government gets really violent and goes beyond passing laws into burning children, still the ‘militia’ is nowhere to be seen.
Don’t count on other people to save you. Count on your closest friends and family.
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Don’t practice wishful thinking. Practice fighting back instead.



14 thoughts on “No one is coming to save you

  1. “And when the government gets really violent and goes beyond passing laws into burning children, still the ‘militia’ is nowhere to be seen.”

    Militia (I call it a peace-keeping force) did show up at the Cliven Bundy ranch and, at that particular incident, the peace was, in fact, kept.

    No one can prove that slaughter would definitely have ensued if militia were absent (though we know it was likely), but we do know for certain that violence did not occur in the presence of militia.

    Likewise; cries of “it couldn’t happen here, so therefore you don’t need guns” can readily be countered with “to the extent that it doesn’t happen here, it is because we have guns and we know well how to use them”.

    Of course the bad guys have guns too, and they are quite capable of trying, and motivated to try, everything in their power to prove the above statements wrong, come hell or high water. And they will try, by using their guns, and also by using every bit of human intelligence, clever deception, subterfuge and guile.

    Just know that out of every group of people we help to develop martial skills, at least a few will be on the side of evil, gaining our confidence, waiting for the right time, or the marching orders, to destroy us.

    • Das kann hier nicht passieren.
      How can it happen in the land of Goethe, Beethoven, Brahms and Schubert?
      That’s right, they weren’t running things.

  2. Roger that. I survived the Rodney King riots way back when. The balloon went up and LEO evaporated.

  3. I’m guessing burning children is a reference to the Waco siege. I was very young and fed a lot of disinformation at the time, so I ask these questions because I’m genuinely curious about the answers:

    1) How could a militia force have made an informed decision about which side to take when details were so murky and evolving at the time about who was at fault? I recall from the Waco: Rules of Engagement documentary that the Ku Klux Klan offered to make armed entry to pacify the Branch Davidians. I realize that they were not exactly a militia but they were an (albeit disgusting) example of an armed citizen group who perceived the Davidians to be at fault.

    2) How could the militia have made a realistic impact in a direct confrontation with entrenched, superior forces armed with tanks and FLIR equipped attack helicopters without suffering completely unacceptable losses? Would they have stood a chance in this hypothetical armed conflict? I hypothesize that any militia involvement could have only effectively extended to public information and comms, and anything beyond that would have been suicide (it obviously didn’t end well for the Dividians).

    3) Could anyone have predicted the carnage of the government’s final assault?

    • Drew, I recommend “Send in the Waco Killers” by Vince Suprinowicz. It covers lots of topics, not just Waco.
      On (2), it depends on whether you go after the low ranks or the commanders. On (3), good question. Ruby Ridge came first, didn’t it? That would be a clue. Certainly by now (after those two events plus Elian Gonzales, for starters) the answer is more obvious.

      • Drew,
        offhand, I don’t recall the Feds or States getting this aggressive since the labor strikes around T. Roosevelt’s time. Belt-fed, water cooled, US Army machineguns are a bit much in response to strikers, you think?
        That’s ancient history, so we had to have a wake-up call in current times. Waco was immortalized on film, so it will stay around to some extent.

        BTW, anyone know if a participant’s list was ever compiled for those who attacked the Branch Dividians? I would have liked to see all of them charged with capital crimes. Right down to the lowest ranks. They all violated regs and oaths.

          • The American phrase, as I recall, is “…obey all lawful orders from my superior officers”. That’s key because it imposes a duty on each person to judge, personally, the lawfulness of each order.

  4. “No one is coming to save you” is line from the beginning of Far Cry 5. It shows up occasionally in the game’s loading screens. Not sure if you want perceived co-branding with the Project at Eden’s Gate. Those damn Peggies are bad news.

    • I’m not convinced “No one is coming to save you” is uniquely tied to that context. But then I’m not into gaming at all. I’ll ask daughter Jaime her opinion. She is really into gaming and ties to social references.

      • Not saying that it’s uniquely tied to that context, but it is tied to it topically. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the post.

        If you can look past the kidnappings, forced conversions, rampant drug use, militant fundamentalism, cannibalism, and general doomsday cult insanity, the Peggies do have some church music that will get your toes tappin’.

        • I asked Jaime and she replied:

          Far Cry 5 did just come out recently and it seems like this cut scene is somewhat close to the intro of the game. However, as far as I can tell it’s not part of the marketing for the game. There are also other sources using the quote (Person of Interest TV show, motivational TED talk, etc.). If the commenter is correct and it’s in the loading screen sometimes that means there will be a bit more of an association than just a one-off cut scene line. Personally I’d say it’s obscure enough to not be a big deal. It’s a similar line to something a bad guy said in a video game that one time. Who cares?

          I’m inclined to go with this for now.

          Thanks for the heads up.

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