Quote of the day—Tom Knighton

I’ll consider it my sacred duty to create as much spent brass as humanly possible.

You know, for the children.

Tom Knighton
January 2, 2017
Are Ammo Prices Ready To Drop?
In regards to concerns that some ammunition manufactures are having financial stress because of a lower ammunition prices.
[There are other options available as well. Teach your child to shoot, and/or send them to a shooting class, and buy them all the ammunition they can consume. I’ve been giving my kids reloaded ammunition tailored for their specific usage. And Santa stuffed at least one stocking with ammunition last year.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tom Knighton

  1. A good enough plan as far as it goes, but one should of course empty cartridge cases in such a way as to improve and hone one’s range of skills as a marksman– “Turing money into noise and increased abilities and confidence.”

  2. One way, and a very efficient way, to keep people from of owning firearms is to make it economically difficult to own and shoot a gun. That has happened over the past two decades, as cost of firearms and ammo has outpaced inflation by a long, long shot.

    I chose a Glock 19 as my carry gun in 2005 because I could afford 2x the 9mm ammo for that as for a .45ACP, or a .40. Being able to practice is important to any competence with a handgun, or so I read. A 50 round box of Blazer aluminum cased nonreloadable 9mm FMJ cost less than $4. I’m still shooting the last few boxes of ammo I bought at that price, because I stopped buying 9mm ammo years ago when the price rose so much (other than my carry ammo, which is hollowpoint, and replaced annually in what I like to think of as a damn expensive range session).

    We don’t make lead any more in the US. We buy most new lead from China, and recycle car batteries. All the US ammo companies could be squeezed into financial difficulties by a price increase for new lead, I’d think.

    As far as Federal having trouble and laying people off, maybe they’ll also change their propellants in low-end ammo to something less fouling than what they use now. Federal is the last brand I will buy, given a choice, because their range stuff requires a lot more cleaning than Remington or Winchester, at least in my experience. A change like that might positively impact sales.

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