I can vouch for this

I got a vasectomy and was very pleased with the results. My positive experience isn’t all that unusual:

Results revealed that of those men, 12.4 percent reported having sex more often after the vasectomy, while only 4.5 percent of men reported having sex less often. In addition, vasectomized men reported better erectile function, better orgasms, more sexual desire and overall more sexual satisfaction.


6 thoughts on “I can vouch for this

  1. Once I healed, there was virtually no impact on my life.

    My wife, however, was greatly impacted (she was able to discontinue taking birth control pills.)

    For us, it was “win-win”.

  2. Don’t do this with the inclination it would improve a bad relationship… My wife suddenly dropped the idea when I relayed it’d mean no more condoms, and my sister tried to use this to emasculate her husband and reduce his dating options right before filing for divorce.

  3. I’ve thought about it, but it’s too permanent for me & too expensive/too dicey to reverse. Maybe someday.

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