Huffman toes

My nice, Lisa, recently delivered a healthy set of twins and has been posting pictures and updates on Facebook. Recently it included this:


I’ve had a few people ask about Remy’s toes… they’re completely normal as far as Huffman toes go, she just spreads them way out and they look freaky in some pictures!

Barb has commented on my toes as well. I can easily move them in directions she can’t even generate a twitch.

I also have often wondered why there was a big deal, by some people, about thumbs being opposable.


7 thoughts on “Huffman toes

  1. My wife claims I have monkey feet because I can pick up things with them when I’m bare footed.
    I claim it as a benefit, she’d more likely call it a feature.

  2. I can pick up things with my toes, and move some of them in ways that others cannot. I inherited this from my dad. My mother found that semi-freakish (It’s hard for a mother to admit that about her child). I will spare you photos, as I do not believe that 62 year-old feet are as attractive or as cute as those of infants.

  3. Doug has made fun of my toes forever! He was very concerned about the toes of his offspring. Remy’s toes do look freakish to me (at least in this photo!) and the first thing I thought of was you and your ability to pick up things. There is nothing wrong with having normal toes like me! 🙂

    • Well, I suppose there’s nothing wrong with having toes like yours. But don’t you think it would handy to be able to hang upside down on a tree holding on by just your toes?

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