Bill Gates is donating money to pro gun charities

Interesting times. Bill and Melinda Gates are donating (with our help) money to pro-gun charities. Via email from


is crazy.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has agreed to
match all donations made through Facebook to 501c3 organizations up to

YES! That’s right! As a
registered 501c3 organization, FPF qualifies for that match!

That means with your donation, not only will you be
DOUBLING your impact on gun rights, you will also be using BILL GATES’ money to
do it!


Make Them Pay!

isn’t it?

The gun grabbing Bill Gates who
funds anti-gun groups will be donating to Firearms Policy

is huge news!

Every dollar that goes to FPF is a dollar
away from anti-Second Amendment organizations that hate your right to keep and
bear arms.


So don’t wait. Go to FPF’s
Facebook page and donate today!

is a once in a lifetime opportunity to use the resources of the anti-gunners
against them!

Bill Gates is ready to give his money away to
pro-Second Amendment groups like FPF!

We HAVE to take advantage of

Donate to FPF on Facebook today
and with your tax deductible donation you will DOUBLE your impact AND at the
same time use Bill Gate’s money to do it.

Make Bill Gates Fund the Second

We can’t
stress how important (and fun) this

Visit our Facebook page and donate to FPF right now!

Stay free,

The FPC Team

I donated $250 because the more I donated the harder I laughed.

I also donated $250 to the Second Amendment Foundation on Facebook for another good laugh.

Update: From the comments:

I read more about the donations.

They have to be spread out, so no one fundraiser or charity can scoop up all the donations. The matching stops at $1000 per fundraiser/donate button.

See also here. There is an alternate button for SAF here.


8 thoughts on “Bill Gates is donating money to pro gun charities

  1. Thank you for posting this. I read more about the donations. They have to be spread out, so no one fundraiser or charity can scoop up all the donations. The matching stops at $1000 per fundraiser/donate button.

    To that end, I created the following Facebook fundraiser for the SAF.

    Please feel free to include this in your post. Thank you.

  2. My company announced something like that several years back, big deal, announced by the CEO during the company meeting, and I did the legwork to get the NRA Civil Right Defense Fund (categorized as ‘civil rights’) and the NRA Foundation (categorized as ‘sports’) into the system.

    THAT DAY there was an email about how there were problems with the program they needed to address and everything was on hold. I don’t mean coincidentally, either, it seemed very much like someone took at look at the incoming, and, with a look on their face like they just took a Louisville Slugger right to their ideology-gland, stomped on the brakes.

    I had to make oral arguments to the HR program manager about how the company hires good people, and the program isn’t about the company supporting the various causes but rather supporting the good people in their employ, etc, etc. A few weeks later they restarted the program, somewhat more quietly.

    • No. It’s easy to misunderstand. I certainly did until I read the details:

      Matching for U.S nonprofits will be capped at $50,000, or $1,000 per fundraiser or donate button until the $2M matching limit is hit.

      • Ah, ok. That makes more sense. I was thinking “fundraiser” == the 501c3 org itself, not “fundraiser” == one person soliciting for that org.

  3. Microsoft had a similar program when I worked there and was a member of the Microsoft Gun Club. Actually, with matching and employee donations, Microsoft was one of the largest, if not *the* largest contributor to the NRA Foundation for several years running.

    • Back in the late ’90s Alan Gottlieb told me that Microsoft, because of the matching donations, was the single largest donor to SAF each year.

      My current employee is also 100% matching donations to pro gun groups.

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