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Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the climate change debate is over, and that the science on the matter is settled. Don’t let them fool you into thinking that there’s a strict consensus among scientists regarding global warming (and even if there was a 100% consensus, just because a lot of people believe something doesn’t mean it’s true). The people promoting the theory of man-made global warming have been caught lying too many times for us to blindly follow them.

Mac Slavo
August 23, 2017
New Climate Study Throws A Wrench In The Global Warming Debate: “Our New Technical Paper… Will Likely Be Ignored”
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mac Slavo

  1. “The people promoting the theory of man-made global warming have been caught lying too many times for us to blindly follow them.

    Honest or otherwise, you shouldn’t blindedly follow anyone.

    So let’s break this down a bit. Progressives are always demanding to be obeyed, based on an assumption of their leaders’ superiority. The central planning committee knows better than everyone else in the community, and so they will call the shots and you will obey them, or else.

    Notice that in the breakdown there is no room for discussion of your rights, or the rights of anyone no matter how superior, to order you to do things with your own property and to threaten you if you refuse to comply.

    And so I say that to argue very much over the veracity of the climate alarmists is to miss the main point. That point being;
    Regardless how fervently you believe in “X” you still don’t get to rule over me.
    Regardless how much smarter you may be, you still don’t get to rule over others.

    Yes, the Chicken Littles are full of shit about climate “science”. Yes they lie like hell, and no it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we uphold, defend and protect human rights regardless what all the Chicken Littles say, no matter where they come from and no matter what angle-for-power they should come up with next.

    If those people dedicated to the climate-as-pretense-for-grabbing-power narrative were 100% genuine in their science, they still wouldn’t have the right to violate rights and grab power. We’d still be obligated to prevent them, by any means necessary, from attaining that power.

    So rather than follow the shiny objects they throw around the room, let’s focus on what really matters;
    Leftists want coercive power. Not any other kind of power. Coercive power. They worship coercive power like its a god, they’ll come up with any and all rationalizations to get it, and they will kill for it. It doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong on your science or your statistics, except that in many cases when you are right they will want to kill you all the more because you are right.

    If you “win” on the climate science issue, they have a dozen more narratives (some even more or less true) all packaged up and ready to roll out and then you can spend the next 30 years dispelling the next one, and the next, and the next. You’ll have to do all that because you’ve been distracted by the arguments of the left, and so you’re chasing leftist arguments rather than simply upholding the basic principles. Those principles hold true no matter what.

    The Marxists, communists, fascists, grown men with soft hands wearing makeup on TV, the public school teachers, et al, have fantasized about the “some very small number of people on a boat” kind of scenario for generations. I remember in elementary school the teachers would make up these fantastically unlike scenarios, to get us thinking like communists. Well they finally found one of those fantasy scenarios they think they can apply to the whole world to justify their grabbing power.

    Fuck ’em. Human rights still apply, and as always there’s no good collectivist authoritarian but a dead-and-gone one.

  2. I was skeptical at first, but how can I deny climate change with such an overabundance of snowflakes?

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