7 thoughts on “Growing the pie

  1. There was an old Far Side cartoon in which a rock wrapped in a piece of paper had just come through a living room window. The paper was an advert, “Rocks through the window? Call (800) 555-1212”

    • But did they really have to choose the child porn business?

      I immediately thought of all those FBI agents getting paid to work their child porn sites (and where do they get their material?), and probably a number of state and local LE hanging out on those sites trying to lure someone in somehow, to bust them and…..all cops at all points, all trying to bust one another, not knowing all the others are also cops (or do they? maybe they all just like child porn), and we pay for it.

      • TO be fair, given the WikiLeaks revelations, many of them were likely politicians and the politically-connected that had to call in favors to stay out of the news.

        Fingers crossed that they make the news in a big way soon.

  2. 1) need to seize the personal computers and phones of the agents working this. Any of them with a personal stash of kiddie porn should be serving time. Difficult to imagine this wasn’t a pretext.
    2) if they had any original kiddie porn made, jail time.
    3) need an independent audit of the list of pedophiles. If any high-ranking politician or celebrity got a free pass – they need prosecution, and the managers responsible for not prosecuting need jail time for covering up a crime.

  3. This is just one more example of a general principle: in no case will you ever see an Agency to End X actually ending x. Instead, they always work to make x bigger and the problem larger, and they always use that as a justification for more power, more people, more money. After all, if they ever actually fixed x, the agency would no longer have a reason to exist and could be closed down, putting all those tax parasites out of a job.
    This works for any x — alcohol, drugs, poverty, crime, it doesn’t matter.

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