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Late yesterday afternoon Barb had business in downtown Seattle. I didn’t find out about the “protest” until 5:00 PM on the Internet. This was almost exactly the same time Barb found out about it… as she was walking to her bus stop on Second Ave between Pine and Stewart just a half block from this on Pine:

She skirted the protest as best she could and she got on her bus which was about an hour and fifteen minutes before the shooting started.

The McDonalds you see in the background of the video is on 3rd Avenue – which Barb named Mugme Street. I used to work in a building on that block. I’m sure glad neither Barb nor I have to go there on a regular basis any more.

The “protestors” blocked streets:

From the Boston Globe in regards to Seattle on election night:


Later the fire department was needed to clean up after the “protestors”:

On election night daughter Jaime was scanning the reddit forums looking for material to satisfy her schadenfreude appetite and found Hitler reference gems like, “I don’t know whether I should just register myself now or wait for the Gestapo to force me to.” and “I’m thinking it is better to kill myself and die with dignity than to be executed in the camps.” And who do we find practicing for Kristallnacht? Yeah, you guessed it. It was the Nationalist Socialists back in 1938 and it was the Socialists on November 9, 2016.

I know it’s irrational to expect people to be rational, but these people are messing up the streets and causing problems for people who probably voted about 80% or 90% for Clinton (the entire county went over 75% for Clinton, Seattle would have been even harder left).

What is it they are trying to accomplish? The answer, I believe, is that it is in their nature to get physical when they don’t get their way through legal processes and they just can’t help themselves. Socialists are nothing but thugs with a thin veneer of respectability and when that veneer gets scratched, they get physical.


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  1. They’re not “protesters” at all, as I assume you’re indicating with the scare quotes. They’re instigated by paid agitators, which are hired by communist organizations. If you were to round up a few of them and interrogate them, you’d likely find that many of them aren’t even from Seattle, or from the surrounding area. That’s the gig now, as you know.

    Some of that was happening in Pullman, WA also. My daughter was just telling me about it, as she lives there and some of it was on her block not far from the high school. Some of the commies were going as far as to spray-paint whatever insults they could think of on people’s cars. “Fag” is one that I recall specifically (and yes; that’s perfectly consistent with Democrats in general, and Hillary supporters) and there were much worse besides, that is, if spray-painting someone’s car isn’t the worst. Others were knocking on random doors claiming an emergency of some kind, and then screaming at people who answered, trying to scare them.

    My daughter has a gun, and she asked if I wanted to go shooting this weekend with her and her friend. Of course I agreed. I expect I’ll see more than the usual degree of focus, purpose and determination this time.

    I’d heard about the nastiness in Seattle and thought it predictable, but for some reason it didn’t occur to me that a smaller version of it might arrive at my daughter’s door step, fifteen miles from my house.

    There is a certain Seattle/Pullman connection, what with the university here. Sorry; “university” I should say. As with public “education”, we must admit that we have “universities” with which to contend, just as we have “news” agencies, and an “environmental protection” agency, etc.

    “A patriot never worries. He prepares”.

    I saw that in a gun-related company ad this morning. Sorry I forget who’s. I love it though.

  2. You may be interested to know that our sales today where higher than normal for the season, by a good margin (we sell optic mounts for military style semiautomatic rifles, so as good Americans can hit their targets faster and with greater certainty). Just sayin’.

    Not that I want it should ever come to real serious shooting, but you get up in people’s faces and threaten them? The deal changes. Do it to people on their own property? Major deal changer. Block their way on the streets, surrounding their cars? The deal changes.

    • Lyle, might want to consider branching your business out into Mad Max style push bars for vehicles. Keeps the liberal soft parts from clogging up your radiator if you need to ram your way through a gathering of special snowflakes.

    • Your optic mount for the M1 Carbine has been on my wish list for quite a while. My ageing eyes just don’t deal with iron sights as well as they used to. There are a couple of other firearm projects taking my attention, but I’ll probably call your company sometime this winter.

  3. Those that are not paid are just throwing a tantrum, like a spoiled child that didn’t get what he wants. They are not tolerant, they are supremely intolerant, and filled with hate that anyone defies them. Like any bully, they lash out at something that won’t lash back when opposed, like a drunk beats up his kids or wife when he’s had a bad day at work.

    On the bright side, somewhere I saw a meme today with the caption:
    Obama spent 8 years weaponizing the Federal Government. Now he has to turn it over to Trump.

    Yeee-HAW! Going to be a wild couple of years.

  4. I saw some of this kind of activities in Boston, on the local nightly TV news. A fair number of people were waving red flags. To make things clearer, the reporter mentioned the event was organized by the “Socialist Alternative”. A bit surprising they would be that honest.

  5. It’s mildly interesting that nobody in the news media is asking “Suppose Clinton had won. Would there be anti-Clinton protests like this? If not, why not?”

    But, nah, that’s asking WAY too much of the liberal agenda/narrative…..

    • I saw an op-ed about the election which asserted that if Clinton had won the electoral college but Trump the popular vote, Trump supporters would be setting the streets on fire. My answer: No, because his supporters are people who have respect for the Constitution. And then the next day we started seeing these riots…

  6. “An armed society is a polite society.”

    I bet none of these temper tantrum snowflakes would continue their bad behavior after they confront a CCW holder.

    • I’d prefer to let the police do the confronting, if possible. A rioting mob can overwhelm even a well armed individual. I would be inclined to use force only if absolutely necessary in order to leave the area. A mob is too chaotic to really be a society, polite or otherwise.

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