A glitch in The Narrative

Some of you may have heard about the Somali immigrant of undetermined ancestry, religion, or motivation slashed nine people with a knife while asking them if they were Muslim at a Minnesota shopping mall over the weekend. Most news stories say the self-proclaimed “soldier of the Islamic State” was stopped by an “off duty police officer.”

Turns out the hero of the day was also a USPSA member, 3-gun competitor, and NRA-certified shooting instructor who happens to be the “President and Owner of Tactical Advantage and has also been operating Tactical Advantage Firearms Training, Inc., since 2003.”

Yeah. Bad day for that particular knife-dude to go to the mall, and only bring a blade to a gunfight.

Thank you, Jason Falconer. May you live a long and happy life.


10 thoughts on “A glitch in The Narrative

  1. The mall was posted no guns or weapons. I assume Mr Falconer has been arrested for illegal carry?

    • Perhaps “Gun Free Zone” is why Mr. Slash went there?
      In most private places that are posted “No CCW” it isn’t a criminal offense unless they notice, ask you to leave, and you refuse. Then it’s trespass. If they didn’t, then no arrestable crime was committed. If they *did* try to push it and press charges, I’d expect the blow-back to the mall would be HUGE in terms of people boycotting them.

      • He isn’t really an off duty cop. He lives in Minnesota, and is still listed as a part time police officer in Albany, NY, where he used to be the police chief. When was the last time he was on duty, do you think? That 1300 mile commute is pretty tough.

        That may be enough for legal purposes so he can carry concealed, and own post 86 machine guns, though. Which is why he is still listed as such, I am sure. After all, cops get powers and rights that are denied the rest of us.

  2. What’s more, I would bet good money that like the school ground shooting in Pearl MS many years back, this knifeman was not stopped from slashing people because the off-duty cop asked him, “what’s troubling you, boyo, do you want to talk about it.”

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