Ammonium Nitrate for sale


Amazon now sells Ammonium Nitrate:

It’s 1.50 per pound delivered. When I last bought it, nearly two years ago, in a 5000 pound batch, it cost me $1.13 per pound delivered. Plus, I took off a day from work so that I could accept delivery in Idaho.

Also, people are mixing it with Aluminum powder, also available from Amazon, to make their own reactive targets.


5 thoughts on “Ammonium Nitrate for sale

  1. joe:
    i would assume that it would be availabe at any feed & grain store, or any store catering to the gardeners among us. it is, after all, fertilizer.
    john jay

  2. p.s. i am assuming you could do just about anything you can do w/ ammonium nitrate w/ a 50 lb. bag of 16-16-16. yes? no?

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