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Remember Terilyn Reber from about 10 days ago? My blog post about the Facebook discussion I had with her was shared on Facebook 131 times and was viewed by thousands of people making it one of my most popular blog posts ever.

Today I received an email indicating I had been tagged on Facebook by Terilyn’s older sister, Bev Reber:

So it’s just sad that social media breeds trolls and even sadder when said troll escalates to a cyber bully. Feed ’em fish heads!! Their world is small. Joe Huffman this is for you.

Bev Reber
July 4 at 11:32am

I clicked on the link in the email to see the post and had planned to respond with:

I understand if you are just supporting your sister who’s feelings may have been hurt. If you want to just drop this with the understanding that you need to be loyal to her I’m fine with that I and won’t say anything further. But if you really believe what you said about me then you aren’t aware of facts and I’ll be happy to explain them to you. Your choice.

But the link came up with the following message:

Sorry, this content isn’t available right now

The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.

I did a search for her on Facebook and she doesn’t even show up. After logging in with a different account I easily found her.

Ahhh yes…. Both sisters are strong advocates of reasoned discourse.


11 thoughts on “More reasoned discourse

  1. Joe, you can console yourself with the thought that if that bint and her bint friends get their wish, they will end up draped in all black with just eye holes to look out at the world; which considering their gross ignorance of reality will probably suit them very well

    • Can you help with with the definition of “bint”? And how would it be a woman’s wish to be draped in all black with just eye holes, or should we say wear a burka, be related at all to this. I don’t think Muslim women are ignorant, or perhaps I’ve missed the content of your comment.

  2. This is why I am starting to move beyond trying to reason and just going with: “Feck off, dumbass.” It wastes less energy, and ironically giving them a brush off seems to do a better job of making them understand.

    • Yours is more economical than mine. For people this clueless I’d say “I’d debate the issue with you, but you cherish your ignorance too much to be worthwhile.”

  3. It appears #GunCog is running in the Reber family. Or at least among the Reber sisters.

    Some may blame family #GunCog on genetics, but #GunCog happens by CHOICE.

    — Holiday Alert —

    Those afflicted with #GunCog can often have exaggerated — and exacerbated — symptoms during the holidays/family gatherings. In these settings, all it takes is one emotionally-charged relative to bring #GunCog to the surface. I suspect that’s what happened with Bev + Terilyn.

    #GunCog can takeover families, with the epidemic consuming multiple generations (just look at the Kennedys).

    Let’s hope the Reber Sisters seek help for their condition. It’s up to you, ladies, to break the cycle of anti-gun bigotry.

    Say the serenity prayer. Accept the things you cannot change (gun ownership). And may you have the wisdom to know the difference between emotion and facts.

  4. I’m adopting the Czar of Muscovy’s new advice. I’m weary from dealing with these brain-damaged saps. From now on, I simply reply, “I don’t give a sh*t what you think.”

    I’ve done it once in real life so far. The look of shock and embarrassment on his face was worth it. We aren’t going to turn these people. Our best hope is to keep taking new shooters to the range, and seek out those who are on the fence.

  5. More heads of gray hair for gun control.

    Looking at media coverage of anti-Rights protests and I suspect the average age of an anti-rights volunteer (the mercenaries seem to skew younger) is about the same as the average age of an AIR convention.

    Meanwhile at the NRA convention had every age represented from under 12 months to over 80. I always see young faces at the club from tweeners learning to shoot with parents, to twenty-somethings shooting their first gun (s)

    Honestly I wonder if the solution to the gun rights fight is to simply hold the line for another decade and let the support simply die off or get too sick to harass us.

  6. Her message is confusing. She wants you to eat fish heads, and sends a photo of what looks oddly like a fish head, but appears to be at least semi-human. Is she advocating cannibalism?

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