When guns are outlawed, outlaws will have grenades

Some people just don’t understand markets. If a demand exists then markets will find a  way to supply it. Furthermore if, from a legal standpoint, possession of a revolver is no different than owning a grenade someone intent on intimidation and criminal violence might as well get grenades.

Of course the anti-gun people will dismiss such logic as “crazy talk”. But, as is usual, we have the evidence:

Grenades have become the latest “must have” weapons being sold by underworld arms dealers at knockdown prices.

And a special Mirror investigation has found that the terrifying trade is booming.

Following the killing of two unarmed policewomen in a gun and grenade attack on Tuesday, we uncovered the shocking array of firepower available on the streets today.

The death-dealing “shopping list” includes guns for hire for as little as £100 and bullets priced at anything from £5 to £15.

Sources say the evil trade is run “just like any other business” with “gun librarians” setting prices for those looking to rent or buy.

The black market dealings are said to be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds each year. And we can reveal that high-level criminals are now turning to grenades to beef up their armoury. The most commonly used are the Swiss-manufactured British Army-issue L109 and the Yugoslavian-made M75.

In the three years to March 2010, there were 14 grenade attacks in the UK – including seven in the North West in just 10 months.

When the anti-freedom people claim they yearn for U.K. style gun control, let them know the reality is that when guns are outlawed, outlaws will have grenades.


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  1. A couple of years ago, Tam posted: “….Heck, Lowe’s sells 90% Sten receivers on aisle 5.

    and that’s just for the home tinkerer.
    Think of the market potential for an entrepreneurial importer.

  2. Loved the point-counterpoint argument by the NO guy: What’s needed isn’t arming all police, but a faster response time by the armed police (presumably called by the unarmed police). Apparently surrealism is a way of life for some people.

  3. Where are the grenades now and why aren’t people using them? Where do you buy a grenade in the USA?

    • Guns are not illegal in the U.S. so guns and ammo are cheaper than grenades. But if you want to pay the price for grenades in California I would suggest you find out who is taking up the slack now that Leland Yee is off the streets.

    • Also, ubu, look at the news story. This is out of the UK. England.

      England is an ISLAND. And they can’t keep the guns and grenades out.

      Try banning guns in the U.S., and aside from the issues of having to regulate every CNC machine and 3D printer, you’re going to have to secure both borders, because I guarantee the arms will flow in.

  4. “…and bullets priced at anything from £5 to £15.”

    Those are bloody expensive bullets! I wonder if they mean BOXES of bullets. (Or perhaps, just like on this side of the pond, these are journalists who know nothing about guns, getting everything wrong.)

    • Actually, it may be an accurate figure.

      Bear in mind that ammunition is likely at least as costly as firearms to smuggle in, if not more so: Firearms are often significantly more compact than any worthwhile amount of ammunition, which would imply that such a black market would place a high premium on ammunition.

      Remember the laws of supply and demand: Here, they’re acting to encourage criminals to actively conserve ammunition.

  5. I found the subject of the constable killer interesting, so I did a little reading. This Dale Cregan fellow is a right bastard of the first order.
    He makes Felix Mitchell or Chopper Barnes look benign.

    This is his second or third grenade attack, by the way.

    • Depending on the quality and accuracy you need, making a gun isn’t all that hard. See, for example, http://thehomegunsmith.com. With modern 3d printers it gets even easier.
      Still it is true that a grenade is easier. Easier to operate, too. Guns are moderately complex mechanisms with fairly tight tolerances, while a grenade is basically just a brittle container with some fairly arbitrary amount of explosive inside.

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