Gun cartoon of the day

I found this taped on the wall of someone that I had been repeated told was very anti-gun.

I’m confused now. I don’t know what to think about them.

But I do know the comic does a good job of expressing our doubts about the validity of surveys to determine the number of gun owners.



13 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. What person in their right mind would tell a stranger on the phone any of that stuff, especially how many firearms they own?

  2. Guns R Bad, unless someone finds out you don’t have any.
    “How may guns do you have?”
    “Break in, and find out”

    • You mean you would let them count them first?? Seems like they would only know the one…

  3. Out-in-front subliminal message; trying to sell someone something is worse than casing their place in preparation for a crime, or asking inappropriate personal questions.

    Guns (in the hands of citizens) are bad, and making a living via peaceable, voluntary exchange is bad. It’s a singular message, really. It’s communism.

    What the useful idiots and the zombies fail to understand is that disarmament is a prerequisite to a more coercive society.

    Their handlers know it perfectly well of course. No one ever tried to disarm a whole population as an act of good intent. It is an act of malice only. Make no mistake about it.

  4. I think it’s important to remember that some anti-gunners get knocked out of their little bubble.
    Those are the ones we need to help.

  5. Well, he SAID the survey would only take a minute, and it did!

    The caller may be a criminal, intent on burglarizing an undefended home, but at least he’s honest. For now, anyway…

  6. To me, the scariest part of the cartoon is the Windows logo on the guy’s bedspread…..

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  8. I was once deposed by a state’s Attorneys General office in a civil gun-rights lawsuit. As part of the case, they asked how many guns I had in the house, and what kind they were*. I gave them a ballpark. They were non-commitally surprised.

    Ten minutes into the deposition I asked them if my initial answer should have included the guns my wife has in the house. After indicating yes, I gave them a ballpark of what my wife owned.

    Me at minute 45 of deposition: “Sir, sorry to circle back on this again but I remembered a few guns I didn’t tell you about.”

    The Gubbermint: “Please tell us”

    Me at minute 60 of deposition: “Sorry to keep asking about this, but do you consider AR-15 stripped lowers to be guns that you wanted to know about?”

    The Gubbermint: “Yes, tell us.” (holy sh!t face when they get answer)

    Me at minute 70: “Sir, sorry to do this again, but…”

    The Gubbermint: “Seriously !?! How many guns do you need for self-defense?”

    Me: “I only have two hands, but you should see my wife’s shoe collection. Same thing.”

    Them: “We’re done. Thanks.”

    Deposition is sealed because of personal details or else I’d post it, but it was funny when I looked back. I wasn’t trolling them. I just seriously forgot the shit we had. For the record, they were very nice people, even though their boss would have preferred to lock me behind bars.

    * Part of the lawsuit had to do with purchase restrictions. The number and type of guns were an issue, and several people had to stand up and declare to the gov’t what we owned. I am not an advocate of registration and think that fighting such systems is important, but someone has to take the plunge and this time it was a handful of us. I gave them our list so that maybe you would never be asked for yours. FWIW, SCOTUS denied cert two years later. Votes matter. Never vote Dem.

    Also, I am guesstimating the minute marks above but you get the idea. I may have actually circled back one more time than I note above. I am too lazy right now to check.

    • Wow. I was going to ask why you agreed to answer that question, until I got to the explanation at the bottom. Thank you.

      Re “votes matter”: I saw this quote a while ago:
      “A woman who demands further gun control legislation is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders.” — Larry Elder (quoted by Neale Osborn in TLE)
      I would modify it this way: “A gun owner who votes Democrat is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders”.

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