Bad guys and worse guys, bad news and good news

To laugh or cry. Hard call. A recent terrorist shooting Paris has some unlikely, er, heros? (it’s transplated, and a little hard to tell if it was the big ISIS shooting or another one at a nearby or related restaurant) It is being reported that when the terrorists entered and started shooting, there were people in the restaurant that rose and returned fire, killing “the two attackers.” So score two for the good guys? Well, ordinary civilians can’t easily carry for self-defense, there. Turns out the concealed-carry guys were Columbia narco-cartel traffickers.


Oh, well. Red-on-red fire still counts as a win, yes?


4 thoughts on “Bad guys and worse guys, bad news and good news

  1. A “win” sort of. Better yet, they’d all have gotten off shots and killed each other. Kind of like W.W. II; communists fighting nazis, fighting Progressives, fighting imperialists and fascists. It mainly just reduces the population, but now there are two fewer jihadists.

    Anyone think the French will ever wake up to the utility of an armed populace? I say they’re more likely to pal up with narco gangsters.

  2. I chuckled when I read about it but it’s fake.

    Arming the populace ? Unlikely.

    They just allowed cops to keep and carry their guns off-duty (before that, most uniformed cops had to check their service handgun back at the armory at the end of a shift). And there was opposition to this coming from a former Minister of the Interior (Homeland Sec-ish, in the US).

    There aren’t that many handguns in France (they’ve been tightly regulated way before long guns). And people owning them probably won’t carry them as long it’s against the law (and again the law is unlikely to change).

    What we got is the EU pushing to ban semi-auto rifles. Bodies weren’t buried that the EU Commission came with a bunch of proposals they certainly had in a drawer waiting for the right amount of bloodshed:
    – banning semi-auto firearms “that look like automatic firearms” (catch-all AWB !)
    – banning deactivated “firearms” if originally an automatic firearm
    – registering all firearms replicas (hi, airsoft guys!), starter/blank firing guns

    We – european gun owners – are currently pushing back. And I think our salvation might come from the East: the Czech, Polish, Estonian, Latvian, Finn governments have all come out against those BS proposals.
    They still have vibrant memories of what statism looks like.

    In Western Europe the progressive disease has spread much more. But we will still push back.

    • I wasn’t too sure if it was real or not, but considering how the media steps on news that doesn’t fit their preferred narrative, if it were true I’d expect the MSM to ignore it. Either way, it’s funny; the best satire is believable upon first reading.
      Yes, eastern Europe seems to have a better grasp of the realities of the danger of State Power.

      • I found a German article discussing this story: . It apparently is made up; the article discusses the photos included with the original story and the fact that the people involved aren’t what it says.
        It sure was plausible, though.
        Calimero, it is undoubtedly true that there are not many legal handguns in France. Illegal ones — that’s an entirely different question. And that’s what this story was talking about — that’s why it was plausible.
        Even Israel has a lot of catching up to do on civilian gun ownership and self defense; I very much doubt Europe will ever get there. Certainly not with its current socialist governments everywhere.

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