Mugme street news

Why am I not surprised this took place near 3rd and Pine in Seattle?

Officers Matthew Newsome and Britt Kelly were patrolling near 3rd and Pine yesterday around 10 p.m. when they spotted a wanted person walking towards 2nd Avenue. Officers Kelly and Newsome caught up to the 23-year-old suspect in the 100 block of Pine and placed him under arrest.

Officer Newsome searched the suspect and found 108 baggies of heroin, 2.7 grams of crack cocaine and $338 dollars.

Oh! That’s right. This is what Barb calls Mugme Street. I’m so glad I don’t work near there anymore.


2 thoughts on “Mugme street news

  1. Still haven’t heard anything about criminal behavior–just (admittedly undesirable) vices which happen to be illegal. Crimes against The Man, maybe.

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