Of course he would say something like that

It’s in his nature:

In the U.S., a person on a watch or “no-fly” list would not be flagged buying a train or bus ticket. Sen. Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, called for creating a “no-ride” list for Amtrak in 2011, a proposal the rail line said “could add value in creating an overall security posture.”

I think there should be more emphasis on the word posture. Schumer nature is to push us more and more toward a police state regardless of the effectiveness of his claims of trying to make people safer. He’s been doing this for decades with the most outlandish gun control proposals. I don’t expect he will stop until he no longer has an audience willing to listen to him.


9 thoughts on “Of course he would say something like that

  1. Socialists seem to share an unholy fascination with trains, or “public transportation” in general. They want all transportation to be “public” (meaning coercively funded and owned and controlled by a minuscule clique of rulers) so they can decide who goes where, and when. This is why we have a Department of Transportation and the FAA.

    We could all get along fine, and much better, if these entities had never existed, and THAT is precisely we have them. They exist in opposition to individual sovereignty.

    • And please; the various rationalizations are as irrelevant as the things the pedophile says to get the child into his car.

    • Indeed. As Neil Smith points out, the best and most cost effective form of public transportation is the privately owned automobile. But it is also a tool of freedom, which is why socialists all over the world want it to disappear.

    • I have long wondered if the FAA had been a creation of the Insurance Companies and run by them alone, if the Air Traffic Control equipment would be as old and antiquated as it is.

      • Well, no. We know this, because many other parts of the world have privately-run air traffic control, and they have modern equipment. So do related outfits like ARINC.
        It looks like the FAA is just now discovering something simple my boss at DEC pointed out around the time Ethernet was first invented: you can do keep aircraft separated with no central control at all, simply by having each plane announce its current position every 30 seconds or so. Then each plane can build a map of its surrounding traffic, and you’re done.
        Then again, avoiding central control isn’t what government agencies are all about. Economy isn’t either — a government bureaucrat measures his “worth” by the size of his empire, not the effectiveness of the service he pretends to offer. This is why the “X prevention agency” never prevents X but instead wants it to get worse, or at best stay the same, to “justify” bigger budgets.

        Meanwhile, on the notion of a no-fly list for Amtrak — if that were done, would anyone care? Except for a few people in the Boston-Washington corridor, Amtrak is basically nonexistent (well, apart from sucking up our money every year, of course).

  2. Chucky is famous for saying he has a need to legislate.
    That alone should ban him from public office

  3. The only way to add a positive value to Amtrak would be to shut it down. All the lipstick and lace on the planet could not dress up that pig.

    • I disagree. Amtrak should be given a small flat fee for every illegal alien they transport back into Mexico (where those who came from further away will continue on towards). Carrot and the Stick should get them to all leave. Absolutely no public services rendered and a real threat of a long prison term and then deportation will get them to self-deport.

      They are the perfect vehicle for mass deportations which is what this country needs. Oh, an Mexico, the failed state to our south, that has abused our border for so long needs to foot the bill entirely.

  4. Well, of course. TSA in Spanish is Teatro de la Seguridad del Absurdo.
    Security Theater of the Absurd (valueless).

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