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The following event occurred one block from what Barb and I fondly call “Mugme Street”. This has been my bus stop on the way home for a year and a half:

Police arrested a man who was seen counting his heroin stash Downtown Monday afternoon.

Bike officers were on patrol Downtown when they noticed a man acting strangely at 2nd Ave. and Stewart St. just before 1 PM. The officers approached the man and could plainly see him counting baggies of heroin, all of which were individually marked with a price.

Police arrested the man and collected the heroin as evidence.

I’ve had very strange people approach me at this location. When I’m waiting for the bus here I get and keep my back to the wall until the bus arrives.

I don’t want to work in downtown Seattle.


7 thoughts on “Mugme Street news

  1. I don’t miss it. Although, last night, I heard four gunshots at relatively close range to my apartment, so… distance doesn’t buy isolation.

  2. I worked in downtown Seattle from 1982 to 1982. It was a pleasant place to work — about the worst you encountered might be a pan handler that was persistent. I had what we called a “walking territory” and it stretched from Columbus to Pine and 1st to 5th so I got to see a lot of it on a regular basis.
    You describe a very different town and the change has (unfortunately) not been for the better.

  3. What confuses me about the issue of Mugme street in Seattle and its franchised locations in other cities is, why is it acceptable to tell men to avoid the street if possible, either altogether, or at the dangerous hours, but it is not acceptable to tell women to avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol and going to certain places while under the influence? Isn’t it obvious that the same solution is proper in both cases? Teach the men to not commit robbery, just as they are supposed to be taught not to rape?

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