Cruise ship security

Barb and I really enjoyed going on a cruise last February and have been talking to various people about where our next cruise should be. I’m not very happy about the government regulating transportation security even more than they already do:

The Coast Guard is considering new airport-like security procedures on cruise ships, the agency said Tuesday.

After consulting with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the Coast Guard is proposing new pre-boarding screening requirements for passengers, crew members, and their luggage.

The pre-boarding requirements could resemble those seen at airports and would include a list of prohibited items.

The individual cruise lines and ships should be making these decisions. Not the government. What exactly does the government think it is going to prevent? Passengers have access to sharp knives, matches, lighters, and with a little bit of effort probably even fire axes and liquid fuels.

From reading part of the proposed rulemaking  it appears they want to standardize the procedures and the list of prohibited items. But “one size fits all” security procedures works as well as “one size fits all” clothes.

It’s clear these people view the lessons of the USSR Central Committee as a how-to manual rather than a dystopia.


5 thoughts on “Cruise ship security

    • Armories? I doubt it. Civilian ships have been utterly defenseless for quite a while now, by policy. Ask any Somali pirate.
      It’s a good thing I don’t do cruises, otherwise I would now have to put that on my boycott list, as air travel already is.

  1. The jihadists must be laughing their asses off at us. They’re succeeding in making our society more and more like theirs.

  2. This, and the TSA on trains is about searching people for cash and precious metals as the economy continues to collapse. Plus habituating people to “Papers, please.” It’s that simple.

  3. You’re missing the point. If all you’re allowed to take is a tiny bottle of shampoo you’ll have to buy shampoo on board the ship during a long cruise. The cruise lines are probably BEGGING for this.

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