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  1. Cool! Documenting while you break the law! Cops ought to have a pretty open and shut case right there. This is kind of like beating your wife on video just to show you can do it.

    • Yes, cops’ll have a easy arrest there. Betcha there won’t be any resisting.

      Prosecutors will have an easy time presenting this to a jury. There’s the law, there’s the video, they broke the law explicitly for the purpose of breaking it.

      The jury may then turn right around and say, “That’s against the law? That’s STUPID.” and jury nullify the hell out of it. And that’ll be disappointing.

      Or maybe you’ll find twelve out of twelve jurors that’ll say, “Yeah, that’s against the law, stupid that it is” and vote to convict, and then it’s onto the appeals! Then the state gets to explain why it is in the public interest to interfere in a private transaction between two individuals who are both not disqualified from owning firearms, considering that they could not prosecute two prohibited persons under this law for the same act (violation of the fifth amendment, see Haynes vs US, 1968 for the applicable reasoning from the US Supreme Court).

      Or maybe the cops and prosecutors will come up with reasons why it’s not in the public interest to expend limited resources on prosecuting, or even investigating the identity of, these individuals when there is so very clearly no identifiable victim as a result of this act.

      I figure the last is most likely.

      • Please, please let the police prosecute.

        And, please, please let the jury convict.

        Because then this will be appealed, and we all know this craptacular law will not survive specific scrutiny.

        One can only hope the folks in this video arranged something with SAF / some other legal entity before proceeding.

    • What’s truly telling is that you are happy to advocate for the arrest, trial, conviction, and imprisonment of two people not because they’ve actually caused harm to anyone else, but simply because they’ve managed to generate a compelling video that demonstrates the utter stupidity of Washington state’s shiny new gun control law.

      You, sir, are a fascist.

    • It’s nothing at all like beating your wife on video to show you can do it. Beating your wide is an actual violation of someone’s rights, whereas selling and purchasing a gun is a specifically acknowledged and protected right.

      If you can’t understand the difference, you should shut up now before you make an even bigger fool of yourself.

      The people who should be afraid in this matter are the the cops, who’d have to violate their Oath in order to enforce this anti-rights initiative, this blatant harassment of innocent citizens, this “Conspiracy to Infringe” which is an actual federal crime.

      • Actually, I hadn’t watched the whole video but it appeared to be such poor quality it doesn’t even show two people, let alone the exchange of a real gun for money.

        • You should watch the video before commenting ubu, because your comment is completely wrong. Why am I not surprised? Most gun control proponents refuse to examine facts or any evidence…..

    • Yep, just like Cliven Bundy was an easy arrest. Until the BLM thugs realized that he wasn’t, and scuttled.

  2. As if anyone with criminal intent would ever obey this idiotic law. So it’s already illegal to transfer a gun to a criminal, and of course it’s already illegal to commit criminal acts, so this changes nothing in the equation for criminals. No, this is nothing but harassment of peaceable citizens, as are all gun restrictions. They’re designed solely for the purpose of creating a chilling effect on the exercise of an enumerated right. At best it’s pure bigotry, brought on by emotional reactions.

    Criminals will always have their guns, but the good guys will be less likely to have guns for defense against criminals. If this goes far enough, then the criminals rule, as we see in places like Chicago and DC. We’re trying to turn Seattle and Spokane into New Chicagos, crime-wise. The left will have a LOT to answer for, come reckoning day, and I’ll almost feel sorry for them.

    Criminals won’t obey these laws. Everyone else is harmed by them. The authoritarian state grows. We all lose.

  3. Ubu52’s comment is a good example of showing the true colors of those who wrote and voted for 594. This was never about safety, it’s about punishing us ‘evil’ gun owners.

    • Exactly, and to get a little thrill from it, feeding the ego, while falsely convincing themselves that they’re “doing something”, further feeding the ego. This one wrong deed leads to the next, in an endless cycle.

      It’s a combination of bigotry and cowardice. Bigotry because it’s motivated by blind hate, and cowardice because they can NOT face the real problem of crime, or the real solutions to it. Another element, which also feeds the first two, is their allegiance to the leftist narrative, which they can never give up without first admitting they’ve been horribly and destructively wrong all along the way. When we tell them they’re wrong, they only hate us more, and so they crank up the volume. Before long they’re burning down the neighborhood, or stuffing the gulags with anybody they can get their hands on, all the while rationalizing it as being for the “common good” so as to assuage their guilt. “Got to break a few eggs (or heads) to make an omelet. Traumatized a few of the rabble, make an example of them, and the rest will fall in line.” That’s the Progressive way. So how do we break the cycle?

      • Sort of like the 400 carbaholic scarfing down at the buffet because of the endorphin kick from the glucose spike. Everyone else watching knows it’s really unhealthy and stupid, but they reply “but it feels so GOOD when I do it! Listen to your heart and don’t judge me!”

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  5. Absent a comma or two, I found myself wondering why Chris Knox was flipping the bird to #gunsense _and_ David Codrea. Yeah, yeah, it’s _via_ Chris and David. I get it. I’m just a little slow on the uptake. And that sort of jerk.

    • If you would have paid attention to the quotation marks you would have seen Chris only extended his middle finger to #gunsense.


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