Oleg Volk on I-594

Totally coincidental and entirely appropriate, considering the email I received last night, this morning Oleg sent me this (the picture is of Barron):


He also posted about I-594 on his blog.

I would like to make a minor correction to his text. We didn’t lose any rights with I-594. We have specific enumerated rights, supposedly protected by the Second Amendment and the State of Washington Constitution, being infringed by I-594.

I want the perpetrators prosecuted.


4 thoughts on “Oleg Volk on I-594

  1. You’re correct; like energy, human rights can be neither created nor destroyed. They can be recognized or ignored, respected or violated, but they cannot be destroyed or lost. Gravity too; you can disregard it, often to your peril, but you cannot lose it or destroy it.

    I’ll prefer to compare the 2A right to gravity then. You can disregard it, but you’ll very likely end up getting hurt if you do.

    • Oh, and it’s universal. It doesn’t change or go away depending on who or where you are.

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