Vampire time of year again

It’s vampire season again. As I reported last year (and 2006, 2007, and 2008) the recurrent joke about all the wood stakes we consume at Boomershoot is that they are for vampires.

Barb and I bought all the 1x2x18 inch wood stakes that Lowe’s had in two different stores and topped off our shopping trip with a visit to two Home Depot stores.

At the second Lowe’s the clerk did ask what I was going to use them for. “In the garden?”, she asked. I managed to keep my face straight until after I told her, “Vampires”.

The back seat of my vehicle is now full of wood stakes for Boomershoot 2014:


The empty milk jug you see in the picture will be consumed at Boomershoot as well. It is one of a dozen or two (or three, Ry hasn’t told me yet) that Ry will use in the opening fireball.


One thought on “Vampire time of year again

  1. While everyone gets the “vampire” joke, we need alternatives for the better-read crowd. Maybe something about a gnome insurrections being lead by someone called Joan of Arc. Or a midwest drought killing cattle, making the price of steak rise, and you want to corner the market. Or a plague of micro-witches.

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