Boomershoot 2014 apparel

I have created a Boomershoot 2014 section in my CafePress shop. I only did some of the apparel items because that seems to be the only thing that sells. If you want the image on something else let me know and I can make it happen.

The image used is this one:


I forget who it was that came up with the basics of this. I modified it some and applied it to the picture Peter Biddle took at Boomershoot 2007.

Update: The color of some of the text was changed for better visibility.


8 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2014 apparel

  1. sirs:

    i am looking at the picture to see where the earth is shattered, split, torn asunder, … , etc., etc., & yada, yada, yada.

    maybe the earth vibrate a bit. but it does not appear to have shattered.

    truth in advertising? ahem.

    john jay

  2. The “Earth shattering KABOOMs” text is hard to read, I suggest you put a lighter border around the letters for contrast.

    • I changed the color.

      In addition to the brightness not being sufficiently different red on green was an issue for many color blind people.

    • The one’s like the one in the picture above do. We only do fireball explosions in special locations at times other than fire season for that reason.

      See, for example, here and here for instances when we had to do some firefighting even when the grass was green.

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