Quote of the day—Greg Hamilton

I see people every day who should be pepper sprayed. The world would be a better place if someone just hosed them down.

Greg Hamilton
January 5, 2012
[While Greg was almost for certain exaggerating to make a point it is also true he goes places and does things as part of his “continuing education” that most “ordinary people” would not do.

It’s always a pleasure to take a class from Greg. He says things in a succinct, humorous, and insightful manner that makes the lesson stick.

Yesterday I was retaking a two day class I had taken in the late 90’s. Last time it was with my son James and daughter Kim. This time it was with Barb L. and her kids. Even though I had basically not practiced anything from this class in well over a decade it still came right back and I was anticipating the next lessons and was able to coach other students who were my “sparing partners” when they didn’t quite get it right.

Insights Training. Highly recommended.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Greg Hamilton

  1. Implied to be in the sense that dueling is supposed to have kept the gentlemen behaving like gentlemen? i.e.: If there is a possibility of painful consequence to your actions, you may take the time to contemplate them before acting?

  2. Yes, but with non-lethal tools.

    However, he was not implying it should be used for minor slights or offenses to ones honor. It was more aimed at people who were bullies.

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