May you live in interesting times

For quite a while Sebastian has been saying things like:

Been very quiet on the gun news front these days. Almost too quiet.


Debate would actually make gun blogging interesting again.

This week it was:

Two weeks ago I was complaining to Bitter that it was difficult gun blogging these days because no one seems to give a shit about our issue anymore. Careful what you wish for, I guess.

I sometimes skip Markley’s Law Monday because I would have to spend a bunch of time looking for material. Currently I have posts scheduled into the middle of January.

I sometime go wandering through online quote databases looking for something to make a QOTD post. I now have posts in the queue for every day through Christmas with more in open browser tabs.

Sebastian, the next time you feel gun blogging isn’t interesting enough spend some time at your reloading bench, take a class, or maybe chase Bitter around the bedroom. Things are a little too interesting right now.