Others who say our universe is a black hole

I have this hypothesis that our universe is a black hole. Via Jeff I found out there are some serious cosmologists that a hypothesis similar to mine.

Of course I’m still very interested in knowing the answer to the question, “When do we get ripped apart by tidal forces and our subatomic components get sucked into the singularity?” It affects my deciding whether I should unpack my boxes of stuff from Idaho and do some reloading or spend quality time with my kids.


3 thoughts on “Others who say our universe is a black hole

  1. Quality time w/ kids takes priority over all that other stuff.

  2. I think we had this discussion at one of the Gun Blogger Rendezvous. It’s a fascinating theory. The event horizon for something with the mass of our universe is pretty damned huge – so we’re all inside that event horizon. Where, then, is the center? Or are you arguing that we’re looking at a four-dimension system with time being the fourth axis?

  3. @Kevin Baker, 4D with time being the fourth axis and positive time is the direction of the center.

    It is because of the black hole pulling us at the speed of light on the time axis that we cannot go backward or forward in time. Because our total velocity vector cannot exceed the speed of light we can only slow down our velocity on the time axis by increasing our speed in the x, y, or z directions.

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