Today I did some more prep for the new explosives manufacturing site. This new place needed a name so a few weeks ago I asked daughter Kim and son-in-law Caleb to try and come up with some names. Caleb almost immediately suggested “New Mecca”. I thought about it some and suggested dropping the “New”. When I told others of the suggestion it received a warm welcome (especially from Barron and Janelle) so “Mecca” it is.

What I did today was put up the Wi-Fi access point. I wasn’t able to test it because the Wi-Fi access point at the provider wasn’t working and no one was home for me to get access and fix it. I think I’m probably going to get my own connection to First Step Research which will be a lot faster and more reliable than the second hand satellite connect I am currently using.

Anyway, here is a picture of the new access point:


The fence post was rather difficult to get into the “ground”. The place it really needed to be was mostly big rocks covered with a few pine needles. I got it into the ground and I hope to be able to test the connection the next time I go back. It’s over a half-mile to the source with partial blocking by the trees and that is a little bit of a concern to me.

Here are the railroad ties donated by Matt and delivered by Barron and unloaded with the help of Kim and Caleb we will use for the new production facility Ry is supervising:


Thanks again guys. We are going to have a great new place to make targets next spring.


7 thoughts on “Mecca

  1. Sorry about the couple of ties that appear “ratty”, I figured you could probably cut off those ratty ends and use the center parts for something.

  2. @MD, beyond the prohibition about looking a gift horse in the mouth there is more than enough sound wood there to met our needs. Thank you for the donation.

  3. Loading and unloading those reminded me of one of the few things I miss from the west side. The smell of the ocean, creosote normally goes with it for the pilings for the pier. I need to get back over there and go diving again at some point.

  4. It’s not only a destination for pilgrims from all over, it’s also a place where explosives are manufactured, so I guess the name fits well enough. As long as you refrain from forcing the women to wear burkas or hijabs or whatever they call those things, and from persecuting gays and such, and from trying to take over the world, killing everyone who disagrees with you, I’m OK with it. You’ve already banned the consumption of alcohol.

    Does this mean we have to address you as Mullah or something, and use only antiquated, third-hand Comm Bloc firearms unless we’re given modern ones by the U.S. government free of charge?

  5. @Lyle, There will be no change in policies toward women and gays. Women are welcome to wear as much or as little (zero is acceptable) as they wish. As always gays are welcome as long as they abide by the same rules as everyone else and don’t scare the neighbors horses.

    Alcohol is acceptable after the explosives manufacturing (staff) and shooting (participants) has completed for the day.

    You may use any firearm that is functional and safe from hazards like spontaneous disassembly and firing upon bolt closure without the use of the trigger. The only conditions on firearms given out by the U.S. government is that if the shooter is also collecting a government paycheck I reserve the right to insist on remedial gun safety training.

    You may address me as “Lord God Emperor of the Universe” or just “Joe” if you prefer.

  6. Stretching the analogy a bit, I guess the firing line would be the Kaaba.
    Seems the faithful will need to know the qibla so they may face the correct direction when offering a prayer.

    A handy tool for obtaining a bearing is here. It gives a bearing of 109°42′29″ from my abode (Tulalip, WA) to Orofino Airport. For those who want an exact bearing, the latitude and longitude of the firing line is needed.

    Pasting “javascript:void(prompt(”,gApplication.getMap().getCenter()));” in the address bar while viewing a google map will pop up a dialog box with the lat/long of the map center.

    Just as Mosques may have an arrow on the ceiling pointing in the direction of Mecca, we also could put an arrow at our local shooting locations pointing at (New) Mecca.

    [/bob amusing himself]

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