3 thoughts on “Trunk Monkey!

  1. The Trunk Monkey actually comes from the Subaru Rally racers board. The original idea was he’d shift around in the trunk and help weight distribution. I assume THAT came from one of the nicknames of racing motorcycle sidecar passengers, Monkeys, who shift around on the back of the sidecar assisting traction and keeping the sidecar from flipping. I’ve also heard them called Hacks and Acrobats.

  2. Well that makes sense. I kept wondering about the big “Subaru” logo I would see at the end of each spot.

    I’d seen these spots before, but they always give me a good chuckle–especially the last one with the shotgun.


  3. I do not know which definition of the term came first, but the term has also been applied to tailgunners in vehicle convoys in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Bit scary, those monkeys…

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