Times up

Last week Kevin posted My New Favorite Flag. I went over to have dinner and watch a DVD with son James recently. The Gadsden Flag on his living room wall reminded me of Kevin’s post so I told him, “There is a variation of that flag now. I saw it on a blog yesterday.”

“Oh?”, James said. James has a strong tendency toward cynicism and I could hear it in his voice this time.

I figured I would be able to put a little bit of a crack that cynical wall he puts up sometimes and so I described the flag to him, “Instead of the snake just being coiled it’s in the middle of a strike with the fangs bared. And instead of ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ it says, ‘Times Up'”. I’m sure I had a smirk on my face. That should break through I thought.

He didn’t even look at me. He just sighed and asked, “And where is there any evidence of anyone doing something about it being ‘times up’?”

“Let’s watch our show now”, I told him.


3 thoughts on “Times up

  1. I’ve come to terms with the fact that, barring radical change in the flight path of the country, that it is very likely that I will see a second civil war in my lifetime. But I don’t think we are there quite yet. Let’s see what happens in November.

  2. In November, the socialists with an “R” after their names will probably take power from the socialists with “D”s after their names. We will then proceed on the Long March toward socialisn, though at a slower pace, making it more acceptable. We’ll then be told by the socialists with the “R”; “You see? Elections do have consequences? Don’t you see the differences between us and those “D” people? Are you blind?”

    We’ve tried this before and here we are. Can we afford another Republican Congress?

    The problem is; nothing is off the table with either Party (except liberty). It’s all just a matter of how the socialist prograsms will be run, how much will be spent on them, and how the progressive tax system will be used to mold and shape society.

    I’m thinking of writing an essay entitled “Clearing the Table”. We’ll see. Of the few who read it, probably 10% or less will approve. The others will argue and complain and try to convince me to “be reasonable”.

    Again; we’ve tried that before. Over and over and over, and here we are.

  3. Y’know as a young man who (I assume from other postings) is within 10 years of Jame’s age, I’ve gotta say: I completely understand that sentiment.

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