Gun cartoon of the day

Imagine the effect on the career of the artist that made a similar cartoon targeting the NAACP or the ADL using negative stereotypes of them.


One thought on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. The artist’s display of ignorance is at the same time extreme and predictable.

    As you walk into Cabela’s in Post Falls, you see a sign on the door assuring customers that the carrying of firearms for personal protection in the store is fine and dandy, but that arms brought in for sale or trade are to be inspected by the staff. There is a cafe there, right next to the gigantic gun section in the store where customers may handle the consignment guns without assistance. Nothing even remotely like the scenario in the cartoon has ever happened there, nor will it. And this is in (gasp!) North Idaho, OMG— a gun totin’, rootin tootin Redneckland if there ever was one. You enter the cafe and the employees (not carrying rifles) greet you with a smile. The food is pretty good, if a bit over-priced, and everyone is rather laid-back and content. What a horrible, horrible situation! Can’t have that, now can we?

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