Gun cartoon of the day

Apparently the artist hasn’t spent any time at, or even looked at the crime rates, at gun ranges and stores. Facts are irrelevant to bigots.


4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. That cartoon is pretty funny. The waiter is dressed like a “mall ninja.” (Isn’t that what they call them?) He’s got at least three guns and a lot of bullets. If the waiters were going to be dressed like that, the restaurant probably should hand out bulletproof vests at the door!

  2. Bigoted Cartoon –> Explanation of why it’s stupid and bigoted –> Comment that xeroxes comments made in bigoted cartoon.

    And the antis wonder why we shake our heads at them…

  3. Like most bigots, the artist is too ignorant to realize that “bullet proof” vests arent. And like most bigots, (s)he will most likely never bother to educate his or her self about what they fear. That brings up another question. Why is it the bigots like to claim gun owners are fearful and paranoid for simply wanting to exorcize our civil rights, yet in the same sentence will claim they have the right to *feel* safe? Since when do feelings trump civil rights?

  4. ubu; as if the waiters would be so armed, as if they’re going to start shooting randomly, and as if the gun fearing wussies depicted in the cartoon would enter the restaurant in the first place. That’s three strikes. You’re out.

    Fever dreams.

    Do you also feel the need for a “bullet proof” vest in the mere, routine presence of police? The average cop gets less training and less practice than the average carry permit holder, and cops have a higher rate of shooting bystanders in armed conflicts. But you’re cool with that I guess, because cops get a government paycheck.

    Lefties love and trust those who get a government paycheck (i.e. the coercively funded) while they distrust and/or hate anyone who makes their money through peaceable, voluntary exchange. The former may be armed to the teeth without creating fear or suspicion, while the later is a stupid, crazy killer wannabe, just by virtue of the source of their income.

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