Gun cartoon of the day

This exemplifies the poor stereotype they have of gun owners. I suspect the only reason the artist used a waiter with a tie and a wine bottle instead of some bucked-teeth inbred stereotype opening a bottle of bear was to increase the contrast between the two frames.


4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. The Simpsons writers did that gag six years before, along with all the other obvious ones.

  2. If I were just compensating for the size of my penis, wouldn’t all the anti-gun jokes be illegal and actionable? The American With Disabilities Act at least.

  3. The title is pointing to the 11th’s cartoon. Confused me when I clicked on it in the RSS feed and go the cartoon with the soldier.

    This cartoon is absolutely wrong. Come on… it took him 4 shots.

  4. Patrick,

    It’s a bug in the blog software because there are two posts on the same day (UTC time) with the same name. I think I can work around it by changing the timestamp on the post.

    I’ll work on that later tonight.


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