Like that will help

Sounds like a good time and place for rival gangs to set up an ambush:

Sanders, senior pastor at the Koinonia House of Worship in Bellevue,
said he hopes the Omaha Police Department’s gun-amnesty program –
scheduled for Saturday at 30th and Spencer Streets in north Omaha –
will help gang members and others end violence.

“One of the
things we’re working on is a gun ceasefire and a truce between the
gangs,” Sanders said. Gang members, he said, are “looking for a way

People who drop off their guns and ammunition at the
dropoff point between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. will not be questioned, and no
names will be recorded. Omaha police will perform ballistics tests to
determine whether the firearms had been used in crimes, but will not
check for DNA or fingerprints.

If they want “a way out” then why not just leave the area or not associate with other gang members? I don’t see how giving up their arms fundamentally changes their situation unless the “way out” means being defenseless when they get whacked by their rivals.

There is more than a little bit of truth to the bumpersticker that proclaims, “Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who didn’t.


4 thoughts on “Like that will help

  1. taking away the guns but leaving the gangs will simply increase the stabbings, beatings, and machete hackings. Hell, somebody might just start making pipe-bombs and such.

    Of course we all know from the countless other attempts at this, the gangs won’t show.

  2. I’m not surprised that Weer’d and Joe seem to think that this is something awful.

    Pro-gun people often support criminals owning guns because only bigots would take the guns away from criminals — and they don’t want to be labeled as bigots. So criminals should be allowed to own guns because the 2nd Amendment guarantees it.

  3. Ubu,

    The points are:

    1. Gun buy-backs are futility in action. Criminals still engaged in criminal activity use them – at best – to dispose of evidence, and teh overwhelming majority of guns collected are nonfunctional or antiques. People who plan on still enaging in criminal nehavior will not disarm, although they may try to cash in on stolen guns.

    2. All ANY criminal has to do to stop using a gun to commit crimes is simply DECIDE to do so — a gun buy back program is irrelevant.

  4. I’d love to set up a block before the turn-in point, and offer cash to those turning in their weapons and ammo. My discretion, of course, for the stuff that’s in good condition and that I want.
    Win-win for everyone (except the anti-gun crowd).

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