Don’t let them be lonely

With membership and donations down it the people at the Brady Campaign must be feeling lonely and unloved. They often claim we have no empathy and are cold heartless killers. I think the time has come to show them they are wrong.

The are having a Happy Hour on July 13, 2010. By then the McDonald decision will be out and they will have to do a lot of drinking to be happy and they will probably be almost alone.

The location is in D.C. here. Tickets are $30 so I don’t advise spending the money to actually socialize with them while they are drinking. Anti-gun people are so violent anyway who knows what they will do if they get drunk. I suspect they will have a private room anyway.

I was thinking protesting their presence at the restaurant would be a nice way to give them some attention. If the Beacon Bar and Grill were allowing the KKK to hold an event wouldn’t that be a legitimate protest target? I’m of the opinion that anytime a group organizes and conspires to deny others their rights they deserve a attention.

Show up in your finest Celebrate Diversity, Heller Kitty, and (by then) McDonald Kitty t-shirts. Make up a few signs and refer potential Beacon Bar and Grill customers to other fine establishments nearby.


One thought on “Don’t let them be lonely

  1. A few letters to the establishment, and a press release would be in order. I’n not sure a protest would do more than just call attention to the antis’ little group, which is what they might want. Or wait until the antis’ little gig is over, then protest the establishment.

    I bring this up because here in Idaho there is a very tiny group of retards known as the Aryan Nations– white racist, anti-Semite, losers who claim the status of a religion. They’re all imports from the South who came here thinking that since Idaho is almost all white people, they’d somehow be welcomed here. It turned out not to be the case at all of course, but they’ve gotten a TON of press due to the local media showing up any time they fart in public. If they’d been ignored for the most part, starting back when Butler and his crew first arrived, I doubt they’d have gotten as far as they did. As it is, this miniscule band of imported fuckwits has almost come to define Idaho in the minds of Easterners.

    Being the attention whores they are, these various anti rights groups deserve more to be ignored than anything else. It’s a minor, but important distinction– If a senator talks to them, protest against the senator. If a local business hosts them, protest against the business, etc., but don’t feed the trolls themselves.

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