Video glasses update II

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I picked up my glasses today. I don’t know how long they had been at the P.O. box waiting for me. I don’t check my snail mail very often.

It appears they sent me a brand new pair rather than repairing the old ones.


That works for me.

I’ll be more careful with them from now on.


2 thoughts on “Video glasses update II

  1. Hey Joe,

    Your shooting on that video was way too cool. Your a great shot. But I kept thinking your gun was pulling to the right. It does not matter, except think about it I have a opinion of your gun because of those glasses. It does blow the mind. Hopefully they will issue them at the next national steel championships. It would make the matches a hell of a lot more interesting to watch on T.V.

    Oh yeah are you ever going to be on Micheal Banes show?

    I always enjoy your writing and work.

    Thank you,


  2. The camera lens is almost directly between my eyes rather than in the center of my right eye which I (usually) use to align the sights. Hence the sights never appear to be lined up correctly. The gun did flip up and to the right. That pull to the right may be because I wasn’t holding it quite right. I need to work on that and find out. The glasses helped me diagnose that problem.

    Boomershoot will appear on T.V. with Micheal Banes in January of 2011.

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