Gun cartoon of the day

As if violent crime is not a concern to us or, as some anti-gun people claim, pro-gun people actually support criminal use of guns.


6 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Obviously he thinks the “gun lobby” is evil, but I don’t get the blood that’s coming from inside the capital building. Who died in there, and how? Did some legislators kill a bunch of other legislators? Are they practicing ritual sacrifice in there? What is it, exactly, that’s haunting the artist’s fever dreams? I don’t suppose we’ll ever know.

  2. I guess the blood represents the blood of the American people (the ghastly result of liberty) spilling under the feet of Congress (who, as we all know, have allowed far, far too much liberty for the American people).

    It’s hard to get (back) into the mind of the left, so it took me a while. The imagery then would be quite ironic, since there were some, what, 100+ million innocent people killed as a result of the leftist ideology throughout the 20th century? What would that cartoon look like?

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