How will mommy protect me if she can’t have a gun?

Via Ry we have this story which reminds me of a story I heard at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in 2000.

The Second Amendment Sisters held a counter rally to an anti-gun event in Chicago. They passed out balloons to all the kids that said “How will Mommy protect me if she can’t have a gun?” Of course this inflamed the anti-gun people. They were so out of their minds (much more than usual) that they ran around popping all the little kids balloons.

My understanding is they did capture it on video but the video didn’t turn out very well.


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  1. When my daughter was 2 months old I had to find a daycare provider for her because I had to go back to work. I asked a potential provider if there were any guns in the house. “Because” I said, “how can you protect the kids you care for without a gun?” Sweet Daughter has been there for 4 1/2 years, and I think I’m the only parent they’ve had that has ever asked that question.

  2. “They were so out of their minds (much more than usual) that they ran around popping all the little kids balloons.”

    I don’t know. Seems pretty usual to me. It’s what the left has always done. Politics through havoc, or as Obama put it– We need to put together the coalitions of power necessary to bring about redistributive change. What would that mean other than bullying, threats and intimidation?

  3. So, I guess if Mommy doesn’t have a gun, she isn’t allowed to protect her children. She can’t hit the bad guy because she doesn’t have a gun. She can’t run him over with her car either, because she doesn’t have a gun. She can’t grab his balls and make him scream because she doesn’t have a gun. She can’t stab him with a knife because she doesn’t have a gun.

    Without a gun, she is totally defenseless.

  4. Ubu52,

    Let me put it this way. My wife is significantly taller than I am, with faster reflexes, and at least equal hand eye coordination. Yet, if I wished to do her harm barehanded, she could not stop me without a weapon. Because I can apply more force than she can. Adn frankly, I’m more aggressive than she is — I was indoctrinated to fight until the enemy is squishy. (Theory was, if it got down to hand-to-hand, you weren’t safe until EVERYONE but your guys was dead.)

    If she is going to hit the Bad guy, she has to hit him HARDER, FASTER than he can hit her. And she must KEEP hitting him harder and faster, until he is OUT OF THE FIGHT.

    If she isn’t in her car, she can’t run him over. If she IS in her car, she can generally run away from a footbound Bad Guy.

    Grabbing his balls is harder than it looks, and subject to my points on hitting. I watched a very enraged young lady try to grab a guy’s balls once (she had caught him with another girl). He stopped her with the flat of his palm against her chest, just holding her at arm’s length (for him). This worked until the gentleman behind him decided he didn’t like seeing a woman treated that way and clocked him from behind, and the bar fight was on (at which point I got scarce.)

    Stabbing him with a knife requires she have an effective knife, and stabs him before he hits or stabs her. It is also still lethal force under the law, just like a gun, and in some states, illegal to carry a very effective knife. For example, when Virginia changed from a Concealed WEAPONS Permit to a Concealed HANDGUN Permit in 1995, there was no way to legally carry concealed any knife that qualified as a dangerous weapon in the statutes. But, again, see my comments on “hitting”.

    Notice the other problem with ALL of your suggestions except the car? She MUST let him get to arm’s length before she can apply ANY of them. Let’s go over that agin — she MUST get into grappling range with him FIRST.

    Unless your wife is a super-cool black belt in “Wookie Fu” (the Art of “Rip His Arms Off”), chances are she is outclassed by your AVERAGE predatopry young male in teh upper body strength department. Likely in reach, leverage, and experience as well. Most Bad guys are fairly familiar with personal violence and fairly resistant to fear of pain in a fist fight. No matter HOW many “Don’t Get Raped” classes you take, until you’ve been (let’s take a MINOR example) popped in the nose full force, you will NOT be prepared to take that hit and keep fighting without pause as your eyes slam shut and tear up.

    Statistically, the best weapon for preserving your safety has been PROVEN to be a gun.

    Years of martial arts, and an hour a day (minimum) training, and your wife is likely LESS PREPARED to defend herself than a very brief training session and occaisional range visits with a gun she feels comfortable with. While a lot of good training is preferable, a TYPICAL example occurred not too long ago, when an woman in her 80’s, who hadn’t shot the gun in years (if ever — she had to ask the cops to reload it for her), popped a Bad Guy with a cheap-assed .22 revolver. Dude could have pulled her apart like a Kit Kat Bar, except for the quarter inch holes and acute case of bleeding he broke out with. (This Bad Guy was fully conscious and, I believe, walking, when the cops rolled up — however, he had lost ALL interest in pursuing the matter after getting shot with a “dinky, useless, .22” from a gun worth maybe $50 in perfect condition.)

  5. something tells me that Ubu is the type of person who either thinks violence can’t happen to her, or had decided to come up with a plan to deal with violence DURING an assault.

    For your sake, Ubu, I hope you luck out, because either of those options are not the place you ever want to be in.

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