NRA gets face time at the Supreme Court

I would have rathered that Alan Gura had the time all to himself since he really understands the issues better than just about anybody on the planet. But I’m expecting a 7-2 or maybe even 9-0 victory for our side unless someone really, really messes up. So I’m not concerned that the NRA is getting some face time at the Supreme Court.


7 thoughts on “NRA gets face time at the Supreme Court

  1. Texas and the states got denied. So it will be Gura and the NRA. I predict a messy decision, half on P&I and half on due process.

  2. 9-0? Even though Heller all 9 justices believed there was a right to keep and bear arms, even stated in dissenting opinion you really expect Sotomoyer to judge in favor of McDonald? She has the same wet dream as any ultra left liberal: total citizen disarmament. We alrady know how she feels on the subject and some people have said she may either go in favor or not dissent as it may piss off some people but she already has the job. There are only a couple ways she can lose it and none involve other people.

  3. Liberals have their own reasons for wanting to enhance the 14th amendment. Whether they are willing give up on the gun issue (which many of them think they have already lost) to get something else in return is the question.

  4. Wait until the NRA puts an empty “compromise” on the table in the orals. Then let’s see if the Supremes take the out.

  5. 7-2? What have you been smoking? Here’s my prediction: 5-4, just like every other decision over the rights of individuals has been. And I can’t wait to see the dissenter’s “justifications.”

    No, Joe, 5-4.

    And I’m not guaranteeing a WIN, either. But I at least think it likely.

  6. I don’t see how you get to 9-0. The libs just have to stick to case-law precedent to say there’s no 2A incorporation. It flies in the face of the contemporary 14th amendment legislative intent and common understanding, but the precedent after that is on the side of their not so hidden bias.

    I had thought Heller might hit 7-2 or at least 6-3 and was disappointed, but its been pointed out that a 5-4 split was best in a way for giving us the most forceful statement of 2nd amendment rights. The same logic may well apply here: better a strongly worded incorporation on a 5-4 vote than a weaker one with liberal buy in.

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