Problems with The Blade Shop

A couple months ago I suggested people buy their “assault knife” now because of proposed regulations that might make many folding pocket knives illegal.

I posted that I had just made my bulk purchase from The Blade Shop. In the comments people reported there were many people who had delivery and customer service problems with that particular outlet. I received my knives within a few days and thought that they had gotten their act together and that there was no need to be concerned.

That was two months ago.

Today I received this email from reader Ben:

I have read your blog for a long time now and very much appreciate your knowledgeable writing on firearms and explosives.

Several months ago you posted a snippet about how you picked up several knives from a place called The Blade Shop. Since I was in the market, I took your suggestion for the place to buy the knifes. I ended up ordering $165 in knives from them. It is now two months later and I have not receive anything except excuses.

After several weeks of not having received anything, including a status update on merchandise being back ordered I emailed them asking what was going on. They responded that one of the items was on back order and it would be a couple of weeks. After that deadline had come and gone I asked again. They said that item was still on back order. I asked to be refunded the money for that particular knife and send the rest on their merry way. The person at the other end said that they were going to refund the money and ship the others, but that it would take 10-14 days for the refund to go through. Now three weeks later I don’t have a refund or any knifes.

I will be calling my credit card company today and asking for them to reverse the charges. They have a 2 month policy, thankfully I am a few days inside of that.

Please spread the word that at least some people are having difficult with this particular shop.

Thank you,



Sorry about that.


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  1. Depending on who you talk to, my business is either staffed by genius-saints who deserve all the blessings of the universe, or it is staffed by obnoxious, ignorant devils who deserve to suffer and die face-down in the gutter. I’m thinking it’s somewhere in between.

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