No respect

I decided to tell James Kelly what I really thought of him and his attitude toward gun ownership. My latest comment (which may or may not make it through moderation):

James, you need to look at the actual numbers of lives saved versus lives lost because of the “mass legal gun ownership”. You do a fine job of expressing your opinion but not backing them up with facts. Which is the entire point of Just One Question-which you still have not answered. You have come up with plausible hypotheses as to why it might be that firearms restrictions in the U.K. have not improved public safety but you have no numbers which show that it has improved public safety there or anywhere else.

Until you can give us numbers you have nothing but opinions. And until you have numbers to back them up you are no different than someone ranting about how terrible it is that Jews, blacks, or homosexuals are “spoiling the neighborhood”.

And not to worry, I would never knowing accept an invitation to a dinner party with someone that advocated the infringement of such a basic human right anymore than I would socialize with someone that owned slaves or supported laws that imprisoned homosexuals merely because of their sexual orientation.


4 thoughts on “No respect

  1. I think you’re going to have a hard time finding an actual slave owner in today’s Western Civilization to socialize with (or not). So you’re safe there. 😀

  2. If you don’t think slavery exists today, do a little reading on monetary reform and indebtedness. If it’s up to the Federal Reserve banks, we’ll all be wage and debt slaves. Forever.

  3. I went over there to read a little from this guy, and he lives up to his name. After I clicked terough he pop up spammed me to the tune of crashing my machine. Scott went pop and makes want to reach out to these guys who know some guys who could do a little touch up on his web space. What a butthead.

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