6 thoughts on “More evidence of security theater

  1. Somehow the bumbling incompetence makes it more humiliating. Getting shaken down by the Gestapo is bad, but getting shaken down by the Keystone Kops is even worse.

  2. I agree that TSA is a show designed to assuage the fear of the flying public, but what do you really want? No security? I may be able with help stop a crazy guy with gun but not an explosive.

    Dogs work but they are are not trained to all kind of explosives like liquid types. Any chemist knows many type of exothermic reactions and the damages they can cause.

    I refused to fly since 9/11 not due to fear but refused to be hassled. If I had to fly for work, I will put up with it. But I have driven everywhere. I am safer on my own than in a herd. I live near DC and know that a symbol is the general method of solving a problem.

    When we had the sniper I have to travel and I was at quite a few of the locations he targeted just not at the same time. It was weird, to know that there was little I could do to prevent other than luck. I did keep a eye out. Being armed is no prevention from surpise and a long ranch sniper. And I was not armed just watchful.

  3. Tam, it doesn’t humiliate me. It makes me angry. But you are at least half right–it makes me angrier when it is the Keystone Kops pushing my buttons.

    RAH, they can’t stop explosives from getting on the plane. If they test for flour, coffee creamer, lawn fertilizer and diesel they will get too many false positives. Read some of the stuff I have written on the topic:

    What TSA really stands for
    Weapons on Passenger Planes

  4. I’ve accidentally carried Kel-Tec P3AT on two different flights in one trip. I carry a big, bulky, and completely filled with “stuff” laptop bag. I had put the P3AT there a few days earlier, and forgot it was in there. I discovered it after I got home from the trip.

    It’s a joke, always has been, always will be.

  5. I flew a week or so ago. When I was waiting for the TSA guy to check my boarding pass so I could go through the security checkpoint, this is what happened.

    He spent an inordinate amount of time flirting with the 30-years-his-younger college girls while the line got significantly longer. Then, the next guy (the one in front of me) stepped up and showed him his driver’s license the TSA guy noticed that it had expired a few months ago.

    He gave the kid a hassle for a little bit, grilling him on why his license wasn’t current, and then declared oh-so-magnanimously that “I shouldn’t let you on with this, but I’m going to go ahead and do it. However, you’re going to have to go through some ‘extra’ screening. Please step this way and I’ll have someone come get you for some personalized attention.”

    Because his driver’s license was expired.

    As I passed the kid, I told him he should at least go get a state ID card if he wouldn’t/couldn’t renew his driver’s license. In fact, I’m going to go get myself one to carry in my pocket (in a protective sleeve, of course) just in case I ever lose my wallet. They’re really cheap, and that would be some good insurance.

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