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I made a comment on the CSM article about gun bloggers from yesterday. It hasn’t made it through the moderation process yet so I’m posting here as well:

Here is a blatant example of [what] mostly genius is talking about. At the end of the story, which is presented as a news article, is a notice that it was written by the Brady Campaign.
Susan Gill, it’s a logical hypothesis that more gun control would result in a safer society but the facts don’t support it. This is the basis of my Just One Question post. Before you advocate for more restrictions on firearms you need to answer Just One Question:
“Can you demonstrate one time or place, throughout all history, where the average person was made safer by restricting access to handheld weapons?”
We have many, many examples of gun control in every state and in every country. You would think that with all those experiments in gun control that social scientists and criminologists would have data showing some benefits to gun control. No such reliable data exists.
As constitutional lawyer and criminologist Don Kates said, “The gun control debate is not really about criminology but rather about bigotry.”
Susan, I’ll bet you have never fired a gun and perhaps don’t even think you know anyone who owns a firearm. I work in the Seattle area and would be glad to take you to the range to see what guns are all about. I’m a certified NRA firearms instructor and about 70% of my students have been women. See for yourself what the gun culture is all about rather than what you imagine it to be. Base your opinion on first hand facts rather “news articles” from organizations that are the 21st century equivalent of the KKK advocating for the elimination of a specific enumerated right.
Contact me via my blog (voted one of the top ten gun blogs of 2008) and I’ll supply the guns, ammo, and range fees.

Update May 18, 2009: There are 79 comments to the CSM article now. Mine has not shown up but I only counted two that are anti-gun and the rest are pro-gun so I cannot claim my comment was blocked because of the nature of my viewpoint. Perhaps there was a technical problem or it simply got lost in the flood of comments.


4 thoughts on “Comment to the Christian Science Monitor article

  1. CSM—“Gun control groups have roughly 150,000 members in the US while gun rights advocates number closer to 12 million, with perhaps as many as 80 million Americans owning some 200 million firearms.”

    If we outnumber them so heavily according to their statistics, why are we having such a hard time making the uninformed masses see the positive side of the gun culture? Statistics are on our side. Facts are on our side. It becomes incumbent on all law abiding, gun owning citizens to educate the rest. Be tactful and have all your facts in order and ask them to refute with their own facts instead of emotions or talking points. I’ll bet, NO, I’m positive they can’t do so. Rub some “Only One’s” (see David Codrea’s blog) stories in their faces about the abuses performed by some LEO’s and others.

    If each of those 12 million gun rights advocates mentioned in the quote above could convert just one, what would that do to the numbers. What if you could convince two? Get out there and get heard! Get converts! Get the rest of the 80 million gun owners involved.

    The Second Amendment insures the rest.

    “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds”—Samuel Adams, (1722-1803)

    Take heed of Samuel Adams words.


  2. Hey CSM!

    How’s that sitting on comments for 24 hours thing working out for you?


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