Reasoned discourse?

I just posted a comment to this article. My comment was:

I have just one question ( for you:


Can you demonstrate one time or place, throughout all history, where the average person was made safer by restricting access to handheld weapons?

The website response was:

This discussion is moderated. Your post will be displayed when a moderator has reviewed it.

I wonder if it will really will be displayed.


10 thoughts on “Reasoned discourse?

  1. I started writing a response then realized it’d only evaporate in the ether. People like Ruthie are dense enough to give uranium a run for its money and are generally afraid to allow facts into the debate.

    Heck, even trying to respond is damned near impossible. I might as well just copy & paste from my archives – I’ve made the same arguments time and time again.

    I wonder if Ruthie, a ‘women’s studies major’ (that’s a hint of the inability to comprehend reality right there) is aware that gun control was used to keep blacks from owning arms. Nothing like cognitive dissonance in the morning, eh?

  2. Good question Joe. I asked her:

    “you posit that the point of your gun control laws is to make society safer. i think a safer society is a great concept. everyone wants their family and kids to be safer.

    i have just one question. how, exactly, are you going to convince criminals (the bad guys who have no regard for any laws and openly break them on a daily basis) to obey your new gun control laws? unless you can get them to obey your new laws too, i’m confused as to how my family and kids will be safer under your new laws. please help me understand your plan.”

    And received the same notice that my comment was awaiting moderation…

  3. I asked sort of the inverse of Joe’s Just One Question.

    “How does registration make the populace safer?”

    I really don’t think they can show evidence that registration alone does diddly squat. (At the risk of insulting diddly and squat.)

  4. I am thinking some very misogynist thoughts here. I’ll say no more, except that it seems there are some sensible women, and why are they so rare, and where are all the Aspie chicks with guns in Southern Florida?

    Neurotypical wimminz frighten me, most ‘specially since the ratification of that nineteenth amendment thing.

  5. Justthisguy, I hear you. I’ve had people tell me, with convincing sincerity, that all of our government problems begin then.

  6. I won’t say all our government problems begin then, but it doesn’t seem at all surprising that a Constitution created before suffrage, would be changed dramatically afterwards.

  7. Let’s see if I can get this written this time without the cat “helping” me…

    As of when I last checked, I saw neither Joe’s nor Wesley’s comments.

    Possibly she turned comments off because the overwhelming majority of comments I did see were us nasty knuckle-dragging Neanderthal gun nuts telling her how wrong she was.

    And some would say that our gubbmint problems started before the 19th Amendment, they started back around the 17th. Woodrow Wilson was the first of the great presidential power grabbers, it’s been all downhill ever since, just some of the CINCs we’ve had let the slope start to level out, that’s all…

  8. Well, my inverse question (obviously posted after Joe’s) made it.

    Of course I see no answering of any of it.

    The writer has probably checked out, fingers in ears, off to the kumbaya meeting with their rose colored glasses…

  9. As of wednesday evening Wesley’s comment is displayed, but I don’t see Joe’s.

    The writer of the article is at least able to write a coherent sentence, although she displays incredible ignorance about guns and about the facts surrounding the debate.

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